Adam Levine, the three-time winner of the American reality television singing competition, "The Voice," has apparently failed to impress Miley Cyrus with all those titles. Cyrus, one of the newest coaches in the upcoming Season 11 of the show, gave him a curt reply when Levine mentioned his feat.

In the latest teaser promo of the next season, Cyrus and Levine are seen during the selection procedure. While taking in one of the singers in his team, Levine uses his three wins as leverage, saying to the contestant, "I know how to win this show, I've won three times."

In response to Levine's comment, Cyrus says bluntly, "So you've won three times? We're on the 11th season."

"Three out of 10 is 30 percent; I'll take that," Levine answers.

Afterwards, Blake Shelton chimes in and supports Cyrus' statement by saying, "She's [Cyrus] so right. I'm so happy right now."

Shelton, after all, has won "The Voice" four times, which is more than any other coach in the history of the show.

Usually, the show emphasises on Levine and Shelton's love-hate relationship. However, with Cyrus' debut, the show is definitely going to get more interesting than ever before.

Another major attraction of the show is the new fellow coach, Alicia Keys. The teaser also shows Shelton getting into an argument with Keys that takes an interesting turn.

Shelton asks Keys what she is thinking about right now, to which Keys responds, "I'm just doing my thing." Shelton suspects that Keys is trying to taunt him sarcastically and when he tries to ask her about it, Keys asks in return whether Shelton is intimidated, adding that she has so much better advice than him.

From the look of the trailer, the next season of "The Voice" is surely going to be an interesting experience for the contestants, the coaches and the viewers. Season 11 will premiere on Sept. 19, Monday, on NBC.