Gwen Stefani, who was coach during Season 7 and 9 of reality talent show "The Voice," will serve as an adviser of his boyfriend Blake Shelton's team in the upcoming Season 10 of the show.

The announcement was made during the filming for Season 10 battle rounds, according to Access Hollywood. US Weekly reported though Blake and Gwen for a long time avoided revealing in public they are dating, they have finally decided to let the world know about it through the latest season of "The Voice."

Both Blake and Gwen are really happy with the confirmation. Music Times quoted Blake as saying: "You start thinking, who are the ultimate artistes out there that you can get to mentor your team? I know we collaborate well together as coaches, so of course I would have her be my mentor. She's so smart and talented."

Patti LaBelle will also appear in the show, advising Team Christina, while Miley Cyrus will mentor the teams during the knockouts. Carson Daly will return to host the show in Season 10.

The new cast will also include Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera — both of whom have appeared in previous seasons of "The Voice." Tori Kelly will be the adviser of Team Adam and P Diddy will fill the role for Team Pharrell.

Though the participants are excited about the new season, Carter Matt has said the show needs to come out with more innovative activities instead of repeating the same old ones, as the monotonous rounds might threaten the popularity of "The Voice."

Season 10 of "The Voice" will premiere on NBC on Feb. 29. There will be more news and updates regarding the show once the episodes start to roll out. Whether the latest season will manage to garner the same interest from viewers as the previous seasons will become apparent only when the show airs.