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Debates over the boon and bane of technology have been there for ages, but the disadvantages are overshadowed by some heart-warming incidents and make everyone more inclined towards the advantages. Such is the case of a sound wave tattoo that has brought a grieving daughter close to her late mother. She can 'play' the voice of her mother whenever she wants by just holding a phone over her tattoo.

Caitlin Hallock, 28, from Phoenix, Arizona, got a tattoo done to pay tribute to her mother Leslie Ann Bando. She got her voice broken down into sound waves and tattooed the unique pattern on her arm, Daily Mail reported.

Hallock recently shared the incredible footage of her tattoo that plays the voice of her late mother by holding a phone over it.

The message was recorded on Caitlin's 24th birthday where Leslie can be heard saying: "Happy birthday, girl." It makes Caitlin feel closer to her mother, who suddenly died in December 2015.

Caitlin, who is a healthcare worker, said: "She was the best person in my life – the most selfless mum in the world. When somebody you love dies, the first thing you want is to hear their voice."

She added: "Now, I can hear my mum whenever I want. It's only around a two-second-long clip, but it captures everything about her, how happy she was and how much she loved me."

Her mother, Leslie was 59 when she passed away due to a sudden heart attack at the home she shared with her sister.

"She'd died of a sudden heart attack," Caitlin said. "I didn't understand, I'd spoken to her just before. I don't know for sure if it was caused by stress. It's not the kind of thing you ever imagine would take a life."

Caitlin, a mother of four, had a number of tattoos honoring her mother before getting the sound wave tattoo – one with her handwriting, one with a clock displaying the exact time of her death and one with a rose to mark her love of gardening.

Caitlin's husband Shane, 29, who is a tattoo artist, was researching for new ideas for his designs when he came across a sound wave tattoo at the end of 2017.

After finding that out, Shane tried out one on himself and gave Caitlin one of the best gifts of her life last month.

The tattoos are played by using an app known as Skin Motion.