Fame, Superstardom, Fanatic fans jostling for a picture with you - Bollywood gives you everything. There are several stars in the industry who have enjoyed adulation and success in equal measure, starring in several movies and enjoying the love of the fans.

But there also have been several celebrities who fell down the ladder of success a bit too early and a bit too hard. In most cases, they had only themselves to blame. 

Bollywood's failed stars

In this article, we take up such cases who themselves were instrumental in destroyed their own careers.

1. Vivek Oberoi

Once heralded as 'the next big thing in Bollywood' after a string of successes early on in his career, Vivek Oberoi seemed to have found a good footing in an industry known for giving a torrid time to newcomers.

Vivek Oberoi
Vivek Oberoi to play villain in Ajith's Thala 57.PR Handout

Just when everything seemed to be going right in his career, he got embroiled in a controversy that he could never recover from.

Then dating Aishwarya Rai, he accused her ex-boyfriend Salman Khan of calling him and threatening to beat him up. Not willing to back down, Oberoi decided to spill it all to the media.

Vivek Oberoi, Salman Khan
Pictured: Vivek Oberoi on Yaaron Ki Baarat; Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 10.Varinder Chawla

Once the controversy had died down, he had lost both - his career and Aishwarya. Although he's still active in the acting scene, his appearances are far too sporadic to propel him to the kind of success he once enjoyed.

2. Sanjay Dutt

The original Bad Boy of the tinsel town is no stranger to controversy. While he's living a relatively clean slate life these days, his younger self found itself in a controversy that created a commotion in the whole of the country.

Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay DuttPR Handout

Baba had found himself linked to terrorism when an AK-47, along with a couple of magazines, was found in his possession. The fact that the arms were found with him in the aftermath of the 1992-93 Mumbai blasts tarnished his reputation forever.

For many in the country, he was no longer the innocent son of Sunil Dutt but a wild child who hobnobbed with terrorists.

3. Shiney Ahuja

Another promising newcomer who had made a name for himself with his impressive acting skills, Shiney Ahuja enjoyed plenty of success in his career. However, a rape case against him, filed by his maid, turned his whole career (and life) upside down.

Shiney Ahuja (Reuters)

Far from being heralded as an up and coming prospect, he was shunned by literally everyone in the industry. So much he hardly got a single film since the incident (which the actor still maintains was consensual).

4. Kapil Sharma

His rags to riches story were endearing and almost all of us believed he deserved the kind of success he had achieved when he was at his peak. He was the bestselling artist on television, had a show named after him, and had starred in a couple of movies as well.

But eventually, the vices that accompany success got the better of him and his affinity for alcohol became well known.

Kapil Sharma

It was this addiction that struck his career a telling blow and the Punjab-born comedian found himself in troubled waters when, in a drunken stupor, he got into a fight with his members of his own crew while returning from a tour down under.

The consequences of this fight were terrible for him, with most crew members deciding to leave his show. The TRPs reached an all-time low and he himself was forced to take a sabbatical.

Nowadays, he has turned over a new leaf and seems to be on the path to reclaim his lost popularity. He's become a father to a baby girl and has finally gotten clean.

5. Fardeen Khan

The son of a yesteryear superstar, the good looking actor had been putting in decent performances and had been enjoying decent success in his career until he was caught buying cocaine.

IIFA Awards 2013: Bollywood Celebrities on Green Carpet
Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan poses on the green carpet before the 14th annual International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awardsREUTERS

A couple of lawsuits followed, which were then proceeded by a complete shattering of both image and career. He last appeared in the multi-starrer Heyy Babyy, post which he's nowhere to be seen.

6. Parveen Babi

One of the hottest and most sought after actresses of her time, Parveen suffered from severe mental issues such as Schizophrenia and depression. Such conditions also caused her to kick the bottle, due to which her physical health also suffered.

Parveen Babi
DATE IMPORTED:January 23, 2005Bollywood actress Parveen Babi is seen in this undated file photo during a news conference at her residence in Bombay January 23, 2005.Reuters

By the time she died in 2005, she had only a considerable amount of success to her name, that too in her initial years of acting, before issues with both the mind and the body led to her downfall.