Viswasam Movie Review and Ratings
Here is the review of Ajith and Nayanthara's Viswasam.PR Handout

Five years after Veeram, Siruthai Siva and Ajith are coming back with yet another rural entertainer where the actor will be seen in veshti-clad avatar in Viswasam. The latest venture marks their fourth collaboration (with Vedalam and Vivegam being other two films) and like their earlier films, the latest venture is an out-and-out commercial movie packed with action and comedy.

The movie also sees Nayanthara reuniting for the fourth time with Ajith after Billa, Aegan and Arrambam. Interestingly, if Veeram had clashed with Vijay's Jilla, Viswasam will have be locking horns with Rajinikanth's Petta at the box office.

Viswasam marks the fourth collaboration of Siruthai Siva with Ajith after Veeram, Vedalam and Vivegam. Looking at their earlier works, one would easily expect the latest venture to present the actor in a stylish way with ample mass moments, which could make the audience crazy in theatres.

The movie has D Imman's music. 'Vetti Kattu,' Kannana Kanney' and 'Rise Up' theme track have already struck the chord with the viewers. Also, it has Vetri's cinematography and Ruben's editing.

Viswasam Story:
Ajith plays the role of a village chieftain named Thooku Durai. A respected man among the villagers and feared among his enemies, he marries a doctor, Niranjana (Nayanthara). After the birth of their daughter, she leaves him and settles in Mumbai over some issues. A decade later, he decides to win back the lost love and lands in Mumbai to realise that his daughter's life is in danger. How he protects his loved ones form the crux of the story.

Viswasam Review:
The movie has a routine story and has the shades of Ajith and Siva's previous movie Veeram. The interesting part of the film is that the director has come out with a storyline which will be liked by both mass and family audience. The movie is packed with emotional and action moments, which will work with all types of audience. The drawback of the film is it is becomes predictable after some time. 

Ajith, Nayanthara and Baby Anikha's performances get thumbs up from the viewers. Thala's previous movie Vivegam turned out to be dud at the box office. Will this erase those memories and win the viewers' hearts? Find it from the words of the viewers below:

VibinVijay Panicker: Offers something extra which isn't revealed in the trailer. @directorsiva 's social message this time is on the importance of good parenting. Perfect for the family audience.. #ThalaAjith's 'ideal family man' image makes him the best to deliver such msgs onscreen.

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #Viswasam Report - Mass first half and a very emotional second half. Friends from kollywood say that the movie will bring in plenty of family audience . Acting wise - This is the best of Ajith sir among the last 5 - 6 movies!!
#Viswasam - This will be the Biggest Blockbuster for Ajith sir in past 10 years. Families r going 2 celebrate it big & single screens are going to have a dream run !! @directorsiva - U have proved what u r capable of brother. Annan
@vetrivisuals and @immancomposer - backbones !!

Sreedhar Pillai: #Viswasam Neatly packaged with all essential ingredients that go into making an enjoyable mass entertainer. Complete #Thala show.

kevin kumar: #viswasam: Perfectly packaged, template, clean commercial mass masala for Pongal. #ThalaAjith is awesome as #Thookudurai and loved #Nayanthara who has a superb role and she shines The pair rocks ❤️

MassKaaBaap: #Viswasam first half done ... although it is routine story but taking wise it is next level and celebration of mass..Ajith antics and acting is vera level... Siva back to his fort..perfect festival for tamil people
Interval Note: Story smelled like boyapati telugu movie

CB: #Viswasam is very much like a rushed attempt to compensate #Vivegam . Lacks strong characters & the screenplay could have been a lot lot better.
#Viswasam : Below Average first half / average second with few good moments but fails to make any impact. Should be the last film for Ajith with
Very average first half with a routine treatment #Viswasam

Santhosh G: Rain fight will save first half Average first half
Sentiment second half over all
First half - ok
Second half - average
Decent watchable with family #Viswasam

Mirror Mind: #Viswasam first half done purely one man show #AjithKumar #Thala mass upliftments with many fights throughout makes the first half engaging. Bit draggy #mass and #class first half so far a pakka commercial family entertainer

rajeesh: #Viswasam Perfect commercial family entertainer #Thala as usual filled in the screens❤️such an amazing performance,equally by #nayanthara too. Definitely a Come back for @directorsiva! Never expected such a bgm @immancomposer you rocked it definitely #ThalaPongal @ganetwitsh

Venkatakrishnan: #Viswasam-Out and out #FamilyEntertainer by Siva! Great to see #Thala back in full form
#Nayanthara portions and comedy worked out so well PakkaMass screenplay with gr8 action & lots of fun.Sureshot Blockbuster
#ViswasamPongal #ViswAwesome #ViswasamReview #ViswasamFDFS

Review Ram: #Viswasam (Tamil) - 2.25/ 5.
Nowhere there is an attachment or impact. Unfortunately, once again a dull flick from #Ajith-#Siva combo which is less on entertainment.
#ViswasamReview #ViswasamFDFS #ViswasamThiruvizha #Thala #ThalaAjith
#Viswasam - Interval - #ThalaAjith is super expressive. The conflict is meaningful but the core is portrayed in a rushed way. The comedies are exaggerating and emotions just partially works. No big high moment or mass scene so far.
'Unimpressive' so far.

Surendhar MK: #Viswasam A perfectly packaged mass entertainer for festival audiences. Will surely satisfy fans as well as family audiences for the nice blend of emotions, action and mass elements in equal measure. Adequately entertaining!
#ThalaAjith and @directorsiva have a winner guys!
#Viswasam first half: @immancomposer's best background score effort for a big star film easily. The intense rain fight sequence makes for a perfect interval block and Imman's rousing score is kickass. @dhilipaction has done a fantastic work in the rain fight. Full marks to him
#Viswasam: #ThalaAjith looks extremely confident as Thooku Durai. His inimitable flamboyance lends more weight to the proceedings. Lady Superstar #Nayanthara has a well-etched role and looks ethereal Full Gallop so far!
#Viswasam first half: #ThalaAjith's most solid outing. @directorsiva has hit the bull's eye so far with his gallery-pleasing packaging. Siva's staging and razor-sharp dialogues elevate the formulaic storyline.

Rajasekar: #Viswasam - 3/5, A fairly engaging family drama. Second half has many mass moments for #ThalaAjith and he simply rocks. For me this is the second best film of @directorsiva - #Thala combo after #Veeram. Good outing for family audiences this Pongal.
#Viswasam first half - It's Thala Ajith's show all the way. He looks extremely confident as the innocent yet brave Thooku Durai. வெள்ளந்தியான வீரமான ஆள்
#Viswasam first half - @directorsiva has packaged the film as a family drama. New flavor for #ThalaAjith (after #Veeram) who is known for stylish sophisticated looks. The interval rain fight for the masses, rest of the film is for the family audiences.

Kaushik LM: #Viswasam 2nd half: The father - daughter sentiments and family angle click in a big way. Enough mass moments too, with the much hyped toilet fight totally fulfilling expectations.
Mainstream general audience and #ThalaAjith fans will like #Viswasam Wholesome festival film
#Viswasam - @directorsiva has packed the best elements from his previous Superhits, and delivers a highly engaging family drama for the mass audience, with enough moments for #ThalaAjith. Very good support characters too. It's a Fulfilling watch this #Pongal2019
#Viswasam 1st half - #ThalaAjith intro scene - @vetrivisuals @directorsiva
Rain Fight - @dhilipaction
#Viswasam 1st half - @directorsiva @AntonyLRuben have packaged it fine so far as a rural mass - family drama. @immancomposer is in top form too; his music works so much better with the film..
#Viswasam 1st half - Highly engaging A mass commercial treat for #ThalaAjith fans, #Nayanthara fans and the family audience. Electrifying Rain Fight and interval block @directorsiva
#Viswasam 1st half - #ThalaAjith is having complete fun - Adaavadi Alapparai mass hero + comedy + performance + action... He ticks all boxes in his typical trademark style.. Complete Package ..

Ramesh Bala: #Viswasam Mariana Mass intro for #Thala
#Viswasam Thooku Durai alaparai Vera Level..
#Viswasam 1st Half: After a long time, #Thala #Ajith has Erangi adhuchufied in Mass , Comedy and Romance..
This is classic festival entertainer..
#Viswasam 1st Half: For #Thala #Ajith fans, they will get ticket price worth in the first half itself..
For family audience, #Thala - #Nayan romance and good comedy..
#Viswasam 1st Half: Rain fight - Verithanam