Still from 'Nee Meeda Ottu'
Still from 'Nee Meeda Ottu' featuring Shanvi Srivastava and Vishnu ManchuYoutube-Screenshot

The makers of the upcoming Telugu flick "Rowdy" launched a song teaser on Tuesday, 11 March and it has been receiving positive reviews on YouTube. This duet which is titled as "Nee Meeda Ottu" features lead actors Vishnu Manchu and Shanvi Srivastava.

"Nee Meeda Ottu" is a passionate number where the actors are seen romancing each other. The song is a set in a simple yet serene background where colours come alive. Shanvi and Vishnu have some intense chemistry in this sequence. Splashes of water and colours are used throughout the song.

Shanvi's attires in the song accentuate her curvy figure and this is highlighted in the song teaser. Both Shanvi and Vishnu move with an ease in this romantic sequence. Actor Vishnu is happy with the way the song has turned out. "I loved the build up in the song", said Vishnu.

The song teaser which is one minute and 46 seconds has been circulating in the social media and has received a huge number of views. The music for "Nee Meeda Ottu" is composed by Sri Karthik and the lyrics were penned by Kasarala Shyam.

The choreography which is done by Suchitra Chandrabose has been crafted well. This latest teaser has added to the excitement surrounding "Rowdy." The movie launched its official trailer recently. Most of the viewers appreciated the trailer which is high on action.

The film which is produced by Parthasarathy, Gajendra and Vijaykumar of AV Pictures is set in the landscapes of Rayalaseema.

"Rowdy" which also stars Mohan Babu and Jaya Sudha is directed by Ram Gopal Varma. "Rowdy" is a complete family entertainer. It's rough, it's tough, and it will also touch your hearts. It is a feel-good film packed with perfect shade of all human emotions, said Vishnu Manchu.

The release date for "Rowdy" has not been announced yet. Click here to watch the "Nee Meeda Ottu" song teaser from "Rowdy".