Vishal.PR Handout

The decision to file nomination papers for the forthcoming RK Nagar by-poll has apparently come at a cost for Vishal as a section of the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) is exerting pressure on him to resign from the post of the president of the guild.

The Annual General Meeting was schedule at Kalaivanar Hall, Wallajah Road, to discuss various issues that include disputes over satellite rights under the observation of former High Court judge RS Ramanathan. As the meeting kick-started, a few producers reportedly created a ruckus over the discrepancies to the tune of Rs 7 crore in the council.

A group-led by Cheran, who has been opposing Vishal after he threw his hat to the ring in RK Nagar before his nominations were rejected, stated that the president walked out of the meeting after failing to answer their questions.

Cheran claimed that Vishal did not give an opportunity to express their issues at the meeting. "They demanded his resignation and Vishal said he will not do it and soon argument and counter-arguments ensued, the national anthem was played suddenly and Vishal exited," Deccan Chronicle quotes him as saying.

Many producers were upset with Vishal as going against the state government will not be beneficial for the economics of the film industry. The people in power can clip the wings of film industry through numerous of ways from giving subsidies to fixing tax rates. The TFPC president's decision to contest the RK Nagar by-election might become a bane for the film industry, the upset producers expressed their concerns at the meeting.

Hence, they have sought his resignation.

Later, Vishal told media that complaints should be made if they have evidence. He also stated that the council's bylaws do not prevent anyone from contesting an election. So, the question of resignation does not arise.

Vishal made a surprising entry to the RK Nagar by-poll fray recently and filed his nomination papers. But his application was rejected as the two of his 10 proposers backed out of supporting him and alleged their signatures to be forged.