Urvashi Rautela

Film: Virgin Bhanupriya

OTT platform: Zee 5

Cast: Urvashi Rautela, Gautam Gulati, Archana Puran Singh 

Director: Ajay Lohan

Rating: 2.5

Urvashi Rautela starrer Virgin Bhanupriya was released today. As the title suggests, the movie revolves around two contrasting female besties Bhanupirya and her close friend Rukul and their ideologies on losing virginity, lovemaking, marriage and sexual desires. The film was slated for a theatrical release but owing to the ongoing pandemic the makers had an OTT release. After seeing the movie, I laud the decision of the makers for having a digital release. Moving further, the first thirty minutes of the film is lame and lethargic with double meaning jokes. However, the film pulls off after 45 minutes. Overall the rom-com makes a decent one-time watch.


Bhanupriya (Urvashi Rautela), is a conservative and coy girl in her early 20's and is in search of a man of her dreams to whom she can lose her virginity to. Her best friend Rukul (Rumana Molla) helps Bhanu in finding a suitable match, but as fate has it every time Bhanu tries to take a step ahead, she gets disappointed. Rukul pins Rajiv (Sumit Gulati) to win the heart of Bhanu and the poor guy Rajiv keeps on persuading Bhanu to which she denies. Amidst all this, an astrologer predicts that Bhanu's quest to lose virginity will never be fulfilled. However, destiny takes a U-turn when Shartiya a.k.a Abhimanyu (Gautam Gulati) falls in love with Bhanu.

The parallel track of Bhanu's constant quarrelling parents as Vijay (Rajiv Gupta) and Madhu (Archana Puran Singh), is also shown with fun element in the storytelling.

Virgin Bhanupriya

Will Bhanu ever lose her virginity? Will her willingness to have sex ever get fulfilled? Who does Bhanu take nuptial vows with? 


Urvashi Rautela makes her digital debut with Virgin Bhanupriy, her role as the bespectacled, unlucky in love is relatable for many. She has handled the character with utmost grace and looks convincing in the part of a demure girl. Her expressions and body language do most of the talking. Gautam Gulati's is back onscreen after a hiatus, and his chemistry with Urvashi is undoubtedly to watch out for. Most of the time he is seen showing off his washboard abs and toned body.  As far as acting is concerned this time his fans will see him in an all-new avatar (No spoilers).

Archana Puran Singh and Rajiv Gupta's perfect banter onscreen brings comic relief to the narrative.

Gautam Gulati

Briejndra Kala has a blink-and-a-miss appearance; we wish he had a little more screen space. Rumana Molla is feisty, funny and full of vigour. He is the backbone of Bhanu's rather 'dry' life. From double meaning lines to cuss words, she plays her part exceptionally well. Sumit Gulati is the scene-stealer, from wooing Bhanu through his antics and accent his sheer innocence will make you love him. Nikki Walia looks effervescent and charming, though she has very less screen time, her charismatic persona is enough to make us swoon. Delnaaz Irani as Tarot Card Reader to has a minimal role in the screenplay. 


The BFF's angle between Bhanu, and close buddy Rukul works well in favour of the screenplay. The dup are unabashed, inseparable and are clear about what they want and go to any lengths to get it. Browny points to the director Ajay Lohan for making such a strong-headed film and showing females taking the lead and talking about virginity openly. There is a demarcation between the dialogues with double meaning jokes which doesn't sound offensive. The film is not a sex comedy and makes it a good family entertainer. Most of the outdoor locations are shot at Mumbai's Lokhandwala back road, with a few of the scenes shot indoors. The climax is impressive as is quite unpredictable.

Virgin Bhanupriya


The four songs that drive the narrative forward don't blend well with the storyline. There were certain situations in the film that are predictable but that can be overlooked. Yes, at certain areas, the film starts losing its plot and suddenly the focus on Archana Puran Singh, and Rajiv's martial mess run for the longest time. There is one scene in the film that I personally didn't feel should have been shown was, Rukul saves her best friend Bhanu's phone number as 'Virgin', this doesn't go in sync with the ideology that the film is trying to portray.  And from when did virginity become an individual's core identity. Having said that, this is a creative call by the makers.

Gautam Gulati

Final Verdict

Virgin Bhanupriya strikes a chord with its coming-of-age theme, and it seems relatable to an extent. Watch it if light-hearted comedy is your thing and you are Urvashi's fan. Non-Urvashi fans will be highly disappointed.