A video showing the public saving a biker swept away by the gushing waters on the Chennai roads during the floods has gone viral.

The video shows the  moment onlookers realised that a man was drowning. Social media users have commended the quick thinking of the public who saved the man's life as they quickly formed a human chain to drag him out of the rushing waters.

The incident took place on Tuesday when the Chennai man was riding his motor bike through the flooded road and was swept away by the water. 

After watching the video, many social media users on YouTube praised the quick thinking of the public.

" The presence of mind of Chennai people is such. See how quick they react to an incident (accident!!) within few seconds. And because of these like helping hearts only our earth revolves. Great Video..showing good people...giving us yet the Trust on Humanity," YozenBalki Mohan Balakrishna, a social media user commented.

The video since then has been shared over 25,000 times on YouTube alone. The clips taken from the video also has been shared on Facebook and Twitter several hundred times.

The video was posted on YouTube by Raghavan Chakravarthi.