A YouTube video that surfaced on Sunday, purportedly showing a Muslim couple being heckled out of a movie theatre for not standing up for the national anthem, has gone viral on social media, with Twitterati and netizens citing it as yet another instance of intolerance. 

The video, titled 'Muslims kicked out for insulting National Anthem' shows many people surrounding a couple and shouting at them for not standing up when the national anthem was played before the movie screening. 

The crowd abuses the couple, even threatening to slap them. Finally, when the couple relents and leaves the theatre, the people are seen clapping and cheering. It is not clear in which theatre and which city the incident occurred. 

The video soon became a talking point on social media, with 'National Anthem' becoming one of the top trends on Twitter on Monday. 

Incidentally, the issue of intolerance was raised in Parliament on Monday after Opposition parties called for a discussion following protests by artists and filmmakers against 'rising intolerance' in the country. 

Watch the video below: