Jackie Shroff directs traffic in Lucknow
Jackie Shroff directs traffic in Lucknow                                                                                                                           Twitter

Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff posted a video on his Instagram and Twitter that shows him directing traffic in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The video of Jaggu Dada, as he is fondly called, has gone viral.

The actor, one of the most successful leading men in his heydays and father of actor Tiger Shroff, is known for his cool quotient on and off screen.

Jackie Shroff's latest gimmick or rather service to the harried people stuck in the traffic jam in Lucknow seems to have won hearts on social media. Jackie Shroff posted the video on his Instagram and Twitter with the caption, "Lucknow Traffic Control...". Jackie Shroff's wife Ayesha Shroff reacted on Twitter to the video in appreciating her husband's efforts and saying, "Jugs" (his nickname) with three smileys. Posted on July 22, the video by Jackie Shroff has more than 71,000 views on his Twitter handle and more than 1,20,000 views on his Instagram! Watch the video by Jackie Shroff here.

Fans on Twitter reacted positively, too, replying to Jackie Shroff and posting his pictures. One guy said, "Totally bindhas bhidu!!!" to him, while the other said, "That's the real dada,, from the front... Nice. Thanks." Another said, "Love u dada# and nice dada", while some others made jokes that he shouldn't go to areas of heavier traffic or tackle civic nuisance next like people defecating on the road. Some Mumbai fans want Jackie Shroff to direct traffic in the city now! Everyone knows the traffic woes of the metropolis, especially in heavy rain.

A fan on Instagram named Yunita said, "what I see does not believe. you are a great actor sir @apnabhidu and you're doing this ..? I'm really proud of you sir. I'm very love you and you're my inspiration from INDONESIA.. sir...." (sic).

Jackie Shroff is known to be always there to support events for charities and recently even participated in an initiative by the Western Railways advising people against performing stunts on the local trains of Mumbai and crossing tracks, which could be dangerous. The actor is all heart when it comes to sending out a positive message. Not for nothing is he still loved by fans, who call him by his Twitter handle, "Apna bhidu".

Lucknow Traffic Control...

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