A breathtaking video of a group of giant whales in the waters of Bombay High is going viral on social media. In the video, a group of at least five whales can be seen swimming on the surface. A mobile video reportedly captured by a worker of the Bombay High oilfield shows a glimpse of a giant sea creature less than a meter deep underwaters. A person in the background can be heard shouting "dinosaur" as the whales come up.

Bombay High Dinosaur Whale

The video was shared by one Sourav Sanyal and it has been viewed more than 41,000 thousand times in just six hours. The Twitter post carrying the video has garnered nearly a thousand likes and more than 300 retweets in just a few hours after posting it.

"Surprise, surprise! Keep watching this video shared by a friend sourced from someone who works at Bombay High, some 161 km from the Mumbai coast. Btw...listen carefully...did someone just say 'dinosaur'," the Twitter user wrote.

Actually, they were no dinosaur but humpback whales, a species of baleen whale. Humpback whale is one of the larger rorqual species, with length ranging from 12–16 meters and weighing around 25–30 metric tons. The humpback whale has a distinctive body shape with long pectoral fins and a knobbly head.

What the video below

Is the video real?

No doubt the video is mesmerizing but has this really been shot at Bombay High waters? While IBTimes could not vouch for its authenticity, it is likely the video is shot somewhere else and not near the Bombay High oilfield. According to ONGC, mobiles are not allowed in offshore installations, hence, the video has not been shot near the ONGC installation in Bombay High.