One cannot miss this adorable and peppy video clip of the elephant calf attempting to stand on its feet, just 20-minutes after its birth. The 29-second video clip that has already turned an instant hit among the Twitterati, brings a glimmer of hope and merry to the world that has been lamenting on the tragic death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala.

Baby elephant trying to take its first steps in viral video

Video goes viral 

The video was shared by the Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter on Monday, June 8. In no time, the video captioned "A twenty minutes old calf. Finding its feet & dancing into his new world. A feet that will take him miles & miles in coming days," garnered much love and joy of its viewers.

viral video of elephant calf
viral video of elephant calfTwitter

Interestingly, the video has registered over 92,000 views to date. The 29-second long video features the calf struggling to fix its steps on the ground. Its attempts delightfully look like nimble dancing steps that cannot leave you from spreading a smile.

Joined by its mother, the little elephant is carefully watched by her. "And the mother is so excited and worried about the young one," wrote one comment under the video.

Verily cheered and excited by the video, the viewers can't stop welcoming the bay elephant to its new world. "The joy that the mother and child is experiencing is literally infectious. May the child grow up to enjoy the abundant fruits that mother Nature provides," wrote another user.

reactions on the elephant calf's video
reactions on the elephant calf's videoTwitter

"Lovely sight .. but poor mom is so restless poor thing," commented a Twitter user as the video shows how the mother elephant carefully pampers its little baby while fixing its first tender footsteps.

reactions on the elephant calf's video

"20 Min old! Oh...cute....trying to balancing Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes. Mom enjoys the effort her baby makes to walkHugging face. Watching such beautiful scenes relaxes and makes us more attached to the eco system. TQ for sharing," came another reply.

reactions on the elephant calf's video
reactions on the elephant calf's videoTwitter

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