Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know all about the viral Pakistani girl Ayesha and her dance moves. It was just last week that the young girl set social media on fire with her smooth dance on Lata Mangeshkar's Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja. The social media personality gained overnight fame and won lakhs of followers.


Ayesha receives backlash

However, soon after that, Ayesha also faced backlash from netizens for her new post. Ayesha's latest Instagram post received a lot of criticism as she was seen showing her middle finger in the picture. Her gesture didn't go down well with netizens who have now called her "arrogant" and "shameless" for doing so.

"Shameless, shameless, shameless, don't you have any shame, you have become a little famous that you have gone above your head, curse on you and your fame," wrote one user.

"Success gone to head," wrote another user.

"What is wrong with this generation?" asked another netizen.

"We were too quick to praise her," commented another netizen.

What went down after the video went viral

In an interview with a Pakistani channel, Ary Digital, Ayesha revealed that it was her best friend's wedding for which she performed. She revealed that she was supposed to dance to some other song but her best friend (who knew of her dancing skills) asked her to dance to this song at the moment and she obliged. Ayesha went on to add that she gained over 3 lakh followers overnight. She also said that her parents have always been supportive of her dance and loved her in that night's performance too.