In a shocking video that is doing the rounds on social media, a Houston woman is seen giving birth to a baby boy on the front seat of a car.

The rare moment was filmed by Lesia Pettijohn's husband Jonathan Pettijohn when they were stuck in a traffic jam while on their way to the hospital.

The couple was stuck in the traffic for more than an hour when Lesia's water broke. She was forced to self-deliver her 10-pound baby, Josiah, inside the car.

"Its coming out, Oh my God, its a boy," the woman is seen screaming in the four-minute video.

"It's a crying baby, it's breathing. Hold him upside down," Jonathan is also heard giving instructions and support to his wife.

"We did it! High-five, babe!," he adds.

"Well they finally convinced me to do it! Josiah's birth is now on youtube! If anyone would like to watch, here's a link! There is no nudity but be prepared for screaming as I was terrified and giving birth is not exactly easy! LOL!," the proud mother posts on her Facebook handle.

The video went viral on social media after it was uploaded on YouTube on 16 July and has been viewed more than 7 million times.

Lesia and Jonathan also have two daughters, Lily Edora and Eowyn Rachel.

Watch the video below:

Caution: The following video shows childbirth and might be disturbing for many.