Choose Beautiful Campaign by Dove
Choose Beautiful Campaign by DoveYouTube screenshot/doveunitedstates

A new campaign by personal care brand Dove tried finding out if most women considered themselves "beautiful" or just "average". 

The "Choose Beautiful" campaign asked women to choose one of the two doors to a shopping mall in Shanghai, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo and Delhi. The two doors had been labelled "beautiful" and "average".

While many looked confused while choosing a door, there were a few who confidently walked through the door labelled as "beautiful". 

The powerful video of the campaign has received an overwhelming response from all quarters. The hashtag, #ChooseBeautiful, has become a trend in India, with many praising the company for such a lovely and thoughtful campaign.

The video, uploaded by Dove US on 7 April, has gone viral with nearly 2 million views already.

Watch the viral video below:

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You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. #ChooseBeautiful

Foram Divrania

So umm, why must we #ChooseBeautiful? Are you saying average is horrible and that I MUST think I am beautiful to be happy? Lol, Dove. LOL.

Angellica Aribam

Just saw the #ChooseBeautiful video, a powerful ad that tells women not to underestimate themselves and be confident. Great initiative @Dove

Kena Shree

Knowing that you're 'Average' & being comfortable about it is also as much 'Beautiful'. Beauty is but skin deep. #ChooseBeautiful @Dove_IND


#ChooseBeautiful becoz my beauty does not come from outward adornment, but from inner self. Outer appearance is secondary.