• Brisbane Golf-like-Hail
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  • Brisbane Golf-like-Hail
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A golf-ball-sized hail has smashed planes, cars and houses in Brisbane, Australia.

A woman has reportedly been injured and the strong winds have overturned aircrafts across south-east Queensland.

"Doors were blown off hangars, with one door landing 150m away, and communications to the air traffic control tower was also affected," said an airport spokesman.

"About 82,000 customers remained without power across the region after the severe thunderstorm struck about 4:45pm," ABC reports.

It is said that the State Emergency Service had attended nearly 700 calls during and after the super storm, between about 4 and 6 pm.

The mishap took place on late Thursday afternoon, along with heavy winds of up to 141km/h and rain.

Police have asked the local residents to cancel their travel plans around the city.

The calamity has hit Inala, Bowen Hills and central city streets, causing major traffic problems.

Many trains halted between the stations and all Brisbane rail services were halted following the violent storm.

ABC news journalist Lyndall Hawke-Bryant, who was in one of the trains said, "Trains were being evacuated by firefighters, with passengers having to make their way along the lines by foot".

"Large hailstones, heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding and damaging winds are likely," the weather bureau said in a statement.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have advised people to move their car away from trees and avoid using the telephone during downpour.

Meanwhile, some of the schools, including Windsor State School, Yeronga State High School and Yeronga State School, among others will remain closed. Check details HERE.

Latest reports say that Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland, has called the federal Defence Minister to ask for the army's help in the storm cleanup.

For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500.