The lockdown and the pandemic have set Bollywood back on its schedule for 2020. With everything coming to a standstill, it was hard to tell when things would open up, when would work resume and when would films make it to the big screen.

As a relief for Bollywood producers and filmmakers, The Chief Minister of Maharashtra has announced the resumption of film shoots, those of teleserial and web series as well. The resuming of shoots, however, is a conditional order, that depends on adherence to strict guidelines issued by the state.

Movies on hold in Bollywood due to lockdown

Maharashtra resumes film shoots after months under lockdown

So far not a leaf has moved in Bollywood. 2020 has been a particularly bad year for the industry with complete shut down on work thanks to Coronavirus and the resultant crisis. However, after a terribly long wait and much persuasion, the industry may be looking at slow recovery. 

The Maharashtra state government has reopened film shooting, shooting for teleserials, ads, OTT releases, etc. This comes as a huge relief to industrial bodies and filmmakers who've had work stalled for months in the pipeline. 

As part of the Mission Begin Again in Maharashtra, film shoots will resume. At this point, it will be limited to non-containment zones only. The guidelines insist on social distancing, personal hygiene and safety measures. Crews will function at 33% of the workforce, all will need to b identified and must download the Arogya Setu app, 6 feet distance between crew members need to be maintained at all times and should be wearing masks. All doors and handles need to be manned by security to limit touching of the same. Moreover, crowds will not be allowed while the shoot is on and ambulances and medical professionals are a compulsory addition to the crew on set. Temperature checks will be a must as well on set. 

Furthermore, the 16-page guidelines say that no pregnant women or employees whose spouses are expecting should be on set and shooting, same applies for actors above 65. Actors will also have to limited support staff catering to them to one on sets. It adds that violation of the guidelines will lead to stoppage on work. 

The entertainment industry so far has welcomed the change, but as time draws on, how the industry adapts will become apparent. FWICE and producers like Ekta Kapoor thanked the CMO for allowing a restart. 

What will be curious to observe is whether this will change the end product we get to see, perhaps fewer older actors on screen, no matter the talent, will their employment be hampered? Moreover, what about actors who are expecting or will expect? The demography of acting, the number of people involved in making the actor look a part will also be restricted. What will happen to the industry that gave dreams to millions? Only time can tell.