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Veteran actor Vinod Khanna is one of the most popular stars and a well-known face even with the current generation. He was recently hospitalised in Mumbai for severe dehydration and a photo from the hospital was leaked online. As soon as the photo went viral, people suspected that the actor was suffering from cancer and later on Thursday night, news of his death started doing the rounds on social media. 

However, an official statement from the hospital that stated Vinod Khanna was hospitalised due to severe dehydration and not bladder cancer cleared the air. Also, it didn't take much time for social media users to realise that his death was just a hoax.

The hospital's official spokesperson, Tushar Puniya, has sent out a statement saying: "Mr. Vinod Khanna was admitted to Sir HN Reliance Foundation hospital on Friday with severe dehydration. He is under the care of our doctors and has responded positively to the treatment and is now stable. His family thanks his well wishers for the good wishes and requests to respect their privacy."

In fact, actor Irrfan Khan was so shocked to see the picture that he offered his organs to Vinod if needed. While this shows how much people love Vinod Khanna, spreading rumours of someone's death is a bit too much to take and needs to stop. That one picture created a lot of buzz and shook the nation and also gave rise to silly speculations.

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The veteran actor was hospitalised at the HN Reliance Foundation and Research Centre in Girgaon, Mumbai on March 31. We wish Vinod Khanna a speedy recovery.

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