Villagers of Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor district killed a tiger after it reportedly attacked poultry animals in the area. 

The tiger was reportedly beaten to death after it entered the poultry farm. The animal had reportedly injured two people, according to local media. 

Residents of the Bijnor district have been under fear of a man-eater tiger that has killed at least nine people, including children, in the past few years. 

However, it is not clear if the tiger killed was the same animal. 

With the villages located on the fringes of the famous Jim Corbett National Park, man-animal conflicts are often reported. 

Last month, the body of a woman was found half eaten near the  Amangarh section of Jim Corbett Park, according to The Times of India

Last year, a tiger had killed a ten-year-old boy in the Najibabad forest division of Bijnor district.