When Irrfan Khan passed away, the whole nation was hit by the news. That is testimony to the impact the actor had made on everybody. No tribute will be enough to stand tall against the man that was. Still, all we can do is try.

A village in Maharashtra renamed a locality after the actor. As an ode to the actor and his work, the village made this gesture. Residents of Igatpuri had a close connection to the actor acknowledging in their touching gesture. 

Irrfan Khan
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Village in Maharashtra renames a locality after Irrfan Khan

For many, the loss of a great actor like Irrfan Khan felt like losing a dear one. The unmatched skill and humility the actor brought to everything he did, indeed touched more lives and hearts than one can imagine. 

As the world tries to move on from the tragedy, a village in Maharashtra made a gesture towards the actor, as a tribute. The citizens of Igatpuri decided to name a locality after the Bollywood actor. The village felt a strong connection to Irrfan, as the actor often been closely associated with them and even helped them in times of need.

Irrfan Khan

The story goes that Irrfan had bought some land in the village, and had interacted with the residents there, realising their conditions and tried to help them in any way he could. The actor would provide materials, raincoats, books, and essentials to the tribal children in the village. Not just that, he would celebrate festivals with them as well. 

As a fond gesture, the villagers renamed the locality where Irrfan Khan's house was to 'Herochiwadi' which translates to 'the locality of a hero'. There couldn't be a sweeter gesture. Irrfan Khan passed away on 29th April this year, at the age of 53.