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"Vikramadithyan" is yet another well crafted film by Lal Jose. The film is well packed with romance, love, friendship and revenge. The well defined entertainer has Dulquer Salmaan, Unni Mukundan, Namitha Pramod, Anoop Menon, Lena, Sidharth Siva and Joy Mathew in the lead roles. Being the first Eid release of the year, "Vikramadithyan" is a sure shot crowd puller.

"Vikramadithyan" begins with the love failure story of Vasudev Shenoy (Anoop Menon) and Lakshmi Nair (Lena), who are both police officers. As Lakshmi gets married to another man, Vasudev also moves ahead marrying another lady. As the destiny wishes to, both the couples are gifted boys, who are born at the same time and are named Vikraman (Unni Mukundan) and Adithyan (Dulquer). Here starts the story, which is a tug of war between Vikraman and Adithyan, who share a love and hate relationship all their life. The only one person that binds them together is Deepika Pai (Namitha Pramod), their childhood friend and love interest.

Vikraman and Adithyan are way apart in their characters. Vikraman is more disciplined and is ambitious. Meanwhile, Adithyan is more of a lazy person and lives in his own world. While Vikraman is passionate about being a police officer from childhood, Adithyan wants to be a police just to be on par with Vikraman. The film then revolves around their struggles and competitions to become police officers and to win Deepika's heart. Will they succeed in their dream? And who will be the ultimate winner? "Vikramadithyan" concludes with an interesting and unconventional ending.

"Vikramadithyan" is definitely a director's film and it is noticed for its excellent narrative style. The script writer Iqbal Kuttipuram has done his best for the film. The film starts with flashback sequences and is done beautifully from each character's perspective. The tone and the feel of the film is something remarkable.

The first half of the film will give you an impression that "Vikramadithyan" is a musical film. Narrated beautifully with the help of songs, first half manages to capture audience interest completely. The second half offers lots of surprises mixed with bitter and sweet moments of relationships.

"Vikramadithyan" is perfectly balanced when it comes to action and dance sequences. It has action sequences, which are rightly placed and well choreographed. The action and dance sequences are easily mingled with the narrative and are not included for the mere visual pleasures.

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When it comes to performances, each actor has proved themselves as the best. Dulquer has raised his bar as an actor with his histrionics. If you are a Dulquer fan, his performance as Adithyan will entice you.

At the same time, Unni Mukundan has made a massive comeback with this Lal Jose directorial. He nailed his character as Vikraman, a young man with well controlled emotions and realistic attitudes.

Namitha Pramod's matured performance as Deepika will definitely give her a special place in the industry.

A special appreciation has to be given to Anoop Menon for his role as Vasudev Shenoy. The actor has given his maximum for this complex character. So, don't be surprised if he takes away a few awards this year.

Lena has shown us again why she is worthy of a State Award. Her performance as Adithyan's mother is exceptional. Joy Mathew has also done justice to his role. Nivin Pauly's cameo appearance in the film is also meaningful.

A special mention has to be given to the Bijipal for making "Vikramadithyan" a musical experience. Very rarely we find a Malayalam film with such a musical experience. His background score and songs take the film to another level of excellence.

Jomon T John has done a perfect job as the cinematographer of the film. The frames, colour tone and mood are set beautifully by him.

The only drawback the film has is the need of crisp editing. A little lag was felt during the flashback scenes of the trio's childhood days. Apart from that, "Vikramadithyan" is a complete family entertainer with elements of youth and freshness.

My Verdict: 4