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Pushkar–Gayathri's Vikram Vedha evoked a lot of interest in the minds of the audience. The interesting cast comprising of Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi, Shraddha Srinath and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and the brilliantly cut trailer are the prime factors that have made the viewers have high expectations from the film. Has it lived up to the viewers' expectations? Read on to know it...


Vikram Vedha is a crime thriller set in North Chennai. Madhavan plays the role of an encounter specialist named Vikram and Shraddha Srinath as Priya will be seen as his wife.

On the other hand, we have Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi), a gangster. "If the choice is between good and bad, it's easy to make a pick. But in this story, both are bad guys?" this dialogue clearly reveals that there are no good or bad characters in the film and every role has a shade of grey. 

Vikram and his team have set their eyes on Vedha to finish him off. Their plan to kill the dreaded gangster goes haywire and what follows next is the cat-and-mouse game. It is a multi-layered story that has been cleverly written by the director duo Pushkar and Gayathri (husband and wife). 


The story borrows inspiration from the Vikram and Betaal from the Hindu mythology. The directors have adopted the reverse-chronology style of screenplay to unravel the puzzles in the film. The biggest strength of Vikram Vedha is its cast. After Iruddhi Suttru, Madhavan comes out with a solid performance that audience cannot stop raving about. 

The audience will relish his styles and the way he flaunts the gun. Coming to Vijay Sethupathi, he equally performs as a gangster in laid-back style. The face-off between Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi leaves you on the edge of your seat. Shraddha Srinath is good, while Varu Sarathkumar's character does not have much relevance. The background score elevates the quality of the film although two songs appear as speed breakers. Last but not the least, a big round of applause for the climax.

In short, Vikram Vedha is a neat gangster flick packed with engaging first half and quite draggy second half, yet has a convincing climax.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3.5

On the flip side, the slow pace of narration will remain the major drawback of the film. Also the audience are not convinced to see Shraddha as Vedha's lawyer. Below, find the viewers' response to the film.

Priyanka: My genuine review of #VikramVedha. An average film over hyped by netizens.
#VikramVedha isn't bad. But not definitely like the way people are promoting it to be. No doubt, #VijaySethupathi and #Madhavan shine. 

PRAVEEN‏: #VikramVedha — @ActorMadhavan equally mass as cop. Powerful supp @varusarath @ShraddhaSrinath @am_kathir. First rate music & cinematography.
#VikramVedha — Whatta screen presence! Hail #VijaySethupathi! Owns the role & totally nails it. From Pudhupettai to here, what a growth!
#VikramVedha — Classic! The deadly atmosphere is greatly presented. Smashingly terrific writing from the brilliant Pushkar-Gayathri.
#VikramVedha — 3.5/5 Terrific, unpredictable & mostly effective gangster drama. The pulsing characters with raw emotions are phenomenal.

Sreedhar Pillai: #VikramVedha 3.5/5. Smart writing and perfect casting @PushkarGayatri brilliant cat and mouse game played- @ActorMadhavan & #VijaySethupathi
#VikramVedha - 3.5/5. The audiences has to decide who is good and bad among the encounter cop or gangster, that's what makes the film work.
#VikramVedha 3.5/5.@ActorMadhavan is riveting & awesome in the climax, #VijaySethupathi steals the show, their 1st scene together Adipoli
#VikramVedha 3.5/5. Dialogues fab along with supporting cast. Technically slick, camera of #PSVinod,music/BGM of #Sam & production design.

Rohit Venkatraman‏: #VikramVedha is sure to bring audiences back to the cinemas & the cash registers would start to ring from today . Power of good content
#VikramVedha Namma #MakkalSelvan #VijaySethupathy can be powerful as a cop & also deadly as a gangster . Go for it this weekend 3.5/5
#VikramVedha simply loved the way it was narrated & the screenplay well written & handled , Kudos to the duo @PushkarGayatri

Haricharan Pudipeddi: Shout out to @ShraddhaSrinath & @varusarath who shine in their respective roles. They are not merely used as heroines & that's a huge relief
#VikramVedha ends Tamil cinema's drought of good content. I mean 'truly' good content and it should bring back audiences to cinemas.
#VikramVedha: It's a joy to watch @ActorMadhavan and #VijaySethupathi lock horns and shine together. Power-packed performances.
#VikramVedha is truly pathbreaking. Great performances aside, it works flawlessly because of its writing and all credit to @PushkarGayatri
Halfway through #VikramVedha. The face-off between @ActorMadhavan and #VijaySethupathi leaves you on the edge of your seat. Excellent

Sidhu‏: #VikramVedha: Not to forget, @samcs_music does his job like a pro. I'll be more pinned to the soundtrack hereon.
#VikramVedha: Kanla thanni moment to see a thick film which can be fit into the commercial space after long. Candy in these dry times.
#VikramVedha: Great to see @ActorMadhavan kick ass as the stiff cop, with Vijay Sethupathy ruling in part superbly. What a duo!
#VikramVedha: What makes it really exciting is its unpredictability and the way twists unfurl. The styling and solid staging helps too.
#VikramVedha: Outstanding film. Pushkar-Gayatri go for gold with this wholly engrossing drama that's terrific from top to toe. Loved it!
#VikramVedha Interval: Highly intriguing episode, smooth as silk. VJS - Maddy face off in a drama that takes you by surprise at every turn.

ChristopherKanagaraj: #VikramVedha - 1st hlf | Slow & Steady. Vedha (VS - gud characterization) with less screen space scores over Vikram (Maddy). Diff narration.
#VikramVedha - Despite of lag, Unique story telling with Good BGM & Mass performance from Vijay Sethupathy makes the film Once Watchable.

Gopalji: #VikramVedha is an #awesome treat from #actors and #technicians. Script writer and director's should b appreciated. #mykindamovie

Sathish Kumar M: #VikramVedha Gangster movie with unique screenplay, twists, awesome performances & best ever BGM

Kaushik LM:  #VikramVedha - #MakkalSelvan #VijaySethupathi at the peak of his powers! The crowd loves whatever he does - mass, style, comedy, realistic..
#VikramVedha - Spl mention to @ShraddhaSrinath @varusarath -both women have key parts & @am_kathir as well. @samcs_music score ROCKS totally
#VikramVedha -@PushkarGayatri spring a big surprise. Deliver layered content in such a likable format. #VijaySethupathi @ActorMadhavan rock
#VikramVedha 2nd half -Ventures into emotions, gray areas, personal relationships... Has such a crowd pleasing, mass climax. Sureshot HIT
#VikramVedha 1st half - @ActorMadhavan in top form - no rules, rugged, badass. Spewing such raw energy. Eager for the 2nd half. Bring it on!
#VikramVedha 1st half - #MakkalSelvan #VijaySethupathi is intro-ed at the 30th min. One of the best ever. Theater roars. Whattay presence
#VikramVedha 1st half - TerrificSo glad it meets all the hype so far. Tense, kickass tale of an encounter specialist - gangster face-off

Rajasekar‏: #VikramVedha-brilliant max, just book your tickets and witness the new age Vikramadityan Vedhala tale created by Pushkar Gayathri. Loved it
#VikramVedha1sthalf - Man, what a stunning subtle intro for #VijaySethupathi, this guy has a majestic screen presence
#VikramVedha first half- it's a treat to watch the multiple shades& intense performance of Vikram @ActorMadhavan & Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi)

Balaji Duraisamy‏: #VikramVedha - Interval. Terrific till now. Let the movie continue soon pls
@PushkarGayatri @ActorMadhavan @ShraddhaSrinath @sash041075

Prameela‏: @ActorMadhavan @i_vijaysethu Brilliant movie #VikramVedha . Never seen such a flawless movie before. Well doneguys ! blockbuster material

Aravind‏: #VikramVedha 1st half - #MakkalSelvan #VijaySethupathi is intro-ed at the 30th min. One of the best ever. Theater roars. Whattay presence

Sujith‏: #VikramVedha first half : Loved so far. @ActorMadhavan n #Vijaysethupathi merattal. Brilliant narration @PushkarGayatri :)
Brilliant narration. The tales and the twists were too good. #Vijaysethupathi and @ActorMadhavan's performance

Rockstar‏: Despite some drags, #VikramVedha worked well for me 2nd half is more gripping than the first. Impressed with the climax & tail end(3.25/5)