Vikram Sambyal
Vikram SambyalPR Handout

Nik Rajput, Aka Vikram Sambyal, a young entrepreneur, who is well known for his digital marketing and celebrity promotions and film promotions, has become quite popular among celebs. 

Vikram feels nothing comes easy in life, and one needs to be energetic, healthy and dream big to achieve people's trust and explore new things in life.

Computers and gadgets always attracted him from his childhood, and that is why you can see him leading his way in digital marketing by learning so many new things in this field.

Vikram's habit of remaining updated helped him gain success in life. He has mentored many companies worldwide and also worked for some of the famous Indian celebs. He has apparently impressed a big bunch of Bollywood celebs with his marketing work, who consider him to be their first choice when they need promotions.