Vikings season 4 part 2 will focus on the relationship between Ragnar and his sons.Facebook/Vikings

Vikings will return with the second part of season 4 on Wednesday, November 30. Episode 11 is titled, The Outsider, and it will feature the various challenges faced by Ubbe and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye with the return of Ragnar Lothbrok.

It will be difficult for Travis Fimmel's character to embrace the changes that have taken place in Kattegat during his absence and choose the next leader. First of all, he will have to convince his children to be on his side and help him in fulfilling his ambition.

However, creator Michael Hirst has already revealed that some of Ragnar's sons will not be pleased to welcome him back. "Some of the sons are prepared to accept what happened to Ragnar. There are other sons who are implacably pissed off with him, that he's betrayed them," he told Entertainment Weekly.

The featurettes released by History Channel indicate that Björn Ironside will refuse to support his father and Ivar "The Boneless" will always be on his side. For Ubbe and Sigurd, they will find out their own way to success.

Meanwhile, the promos for the second part of Vikings season 4, also focus on a blossoming friendship between Floki and Bjorn. Gustaf Skarsgård's character builds a special boat for his best friend's son to explore the Mediterranean. But when Alexander Ludwig's character asks the ship builder to accompany him, he hesitates and then agrees.

Watch the trailer for Vikings season 4 part 2 below: