An epic battle and a change in leadership are on the cards for Vikings season 4 part 2.Facebook/Vikings

The second part of Vikings season 4 will be premiered in next couple of days and the fans are eager to know what lies ahead for Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Queen Aslaug and their children, including Björn Ironside. Episode 11 is titled The Outsider and it will focus on the various challenges faced by the people of Kattegat with their leader's return.

The Seer's prophecy to Alexander Ludwig's character that his father's return will bring calamity, queers, tragedy and death is likely to come true in the upcoming episode. Cast member Katheryn Winnick revealed that the show will feature an epic battle that will not just test the personal relationships between the lead characters, but also show an unexpected death.

"It's powerful, a battle, and you will see an unexpected death, and challenges within the fight. You will see personal relationships getting tested when they confront their enemies on the battlefield," said the Ukrainian-Canadian actress while interacting with the reporters.

Meanwhile, the latest trailer for Vikings season 4 shows Ragnar trying to kill himself by hanging on a majestic tree. Since creator Michael Hirst has already teased about a possible suicide attempt of Travis Fimmel's character and the posters hints at the death of Bjorn or his father, it remains to be seen if episode 11 will mark the end of a lead character in the history drama series.

Additionally, the fans can also expect to meet the new love interest for the shieldmaiden and it will be her young assistant Astrid. "She did find a love with her that other men have never been able to give her," quoted Winnick as saying.

"Lagertha has been betrayed by so many men throughout her life, like Ragnar cheating on her and asking her to be a second wife. Then her second husband was abusive and then Kalf, who she groomed, usurped her...her relationship with men will never change. I'm not sure she'll ever trust a man again," she added.

Watch the latest trailer for The Outsider below: