"Vikings" will have lots of stunts and jaw-dropping sequences when it returns on History channel with a set of action-packed episodes, in 2016. Additionally, season 4 will also focus on several unexpected twists and turns in the lives of major characters.

But fans might get the biggest shock ever if Travis Fimmel decides to exit from the show due to his big screen project "Warcraft". Several reports have already suggested that he may not continue his journey as Ragnar Lothbrok for long.

In spite of that, creator Michael Hirst revealed that the series is not about the legendary Viking and that he wants to introduce new characters who could capture the attention of viewers.

"I've always seen Vikings without Ragnar. I thought it was very important when I started thinking about this whole thing that Ragnar had many sons and some of his sons became more famous than he was. So I can perfectly well envision a world without Ragnar and further adventures for the sons. Absolutely. That's something I really, really want to do," The Hollywood Reporter quoted him as saying.

Hirst also compared Ragnar's journey with the pagan god Odin, "who hung himself because he was so curious to see what death felt like." According to him, Bjorn could be the next King of Denmark mainly because "he is the only one who isn't into the power", into the earldom and motivated for the people rather than gods.

Meanwhile, a trailer of the Irish-Canadian drama hints at the death of ruthless and skilled warrior Rollo (Clive Standen) in Paris. The sneak peek video shows Princess Gisela (Morgane Polanski) trying to kill him while he is asleep.

"Vikings" Season 4 air date:

While there has been no confirmation on the return date of the show, fans can expect it to premiere on 11 February, 2016. Although the first season of "Vikings" premiered in March, the next two sequels were released in February. Furthermore, since the last season was released one week ahead of the previous one, it can be assumed that the upcoming sequel will be telecast in the second week of February.