Vijender Singh
Vijender Singh has made a fine start to his pro boxing career.Reuters

Vijender Singh has had an incredible start to his pro boxing career as he has registered huge victories in his first three bouts with utmost ease. After defeating Sonny Whiting and Dean Gillen in his first two fights, experienced Bulgarian boxer, Samet Hyuseinov was expected to pose as a huge challenge in his third fight, but the Indian boxer stood tall and defeated him without any discomfort.

With such an unbeaten start to his career, there is a sense of expectations surrounding Vijender when he fights next on 13 February in Liverpool. Though his fourth bout opponent is yet to be decided, the boxer is already gearing up for the fight.

"The next fight is on February 13, the opponent is not known yet but I continue to train regularly. Right now I am looking for a gym to do the routine for today. It's New Year's eve so gyms seem to be closed because I guess people want to party. But I will request somebody to let me in for some time," PTI quoted Vijender as saying.

"I can't afford to take it easy. I have to be on my toes because my body cannot do without workout. So let people party, I would be in gym working out," he added.

Vijender's first two fights were four-round bouts and his third fight was a six-round event, but none of his fights have gone beyond the third round as Vijender has been dominant against all his opponents. However, his fourth fight in February could be an eight-round bout.

Vijender, who has demolished his opponents well within the last round, prefers to finish the bout early, irrespective of the number of rounds.

"Isn't it thrilling? It's like blink and you miss it, it's fun to fight like that. It saves me effort, the longer the bout, more the effort. Who would want to drag things? I give so much in my training that it's good that the actual contest doesn't last long," Vijender said.

Vijender, who is currently in India on a short-term break, will head over to the UK on 4 January and prepare rigorously for his future bouts.