Sonny Whiting was the first opponent laid in the path of Vijender Singh in the pro boxing scene; at the end, the Indian star received accolades after his brilliant TKO (technical knockout) win in the middle of the third round.

That was back in October. The next month saw the pugilist from Bhiwani go head-to-head with veteran fire-fighter Dean Gillen in four rounds of the middleweight division. The bout didn't go the distance, as Vijender saw his hand being raised by the referee before the end of the first round itself. The result of the match was decided as the Indian landed a KO (knockout) punch, just minutes into the start of the bout.

Two fights bossed in the best possible way. The third might seem a bit difficult though for the 2008 Olympics Bronze medal winner.

Vijender faces Bulgaria's Samet Hyuseinov in the third and the final pro boxing bout of the calendar year on Saturday, 19 December, at the Manchester Arena. The Bulgarian, by all means, is not an easy opponent.

Hyuseinov comes into the fight with oodles of experience in the pro boxing circuit; he has seven victories from 14 matches in his career. In pro boxing, the experience goes a long way, and Vijender knows that. However, the DSP with the Haryana Police is not worrying too much.

"If he is experienced, than I am no less," Vijender said ahead of the bout. "I am an Olympic medallist. Obviously he is more experienced in the pro circuit but I am experienced enough not to be affected by it. My USP is that I hardly ever get worried. I know it's my job and I will be facing up to a variety of people, so I don't get too affected," he added.

Hyuseinov, who is just a year younger than Vijender, has some stern words for Vijender's fans. The Bulgarian stated that the Indian boxer has never faced anyone as aggressive as him in the ring, and there will be a major upset for the Indian fans, on the fight night.

"I don't think Vijender is ready to fight someone like me yet and he is saying what he will do to me as if I don't exist and he will stop me. I'm the most dangerous opponent to date for him," Hyuseinov said. 

"Believe me I am going to cause a big upset (for Vijender fans), I'm sorry India but your man is going to lose."

Vijender Singh vs Samet Hyuseinov: Fight Schedule

Weight division: Middleweight.

Total rounds: Six.

Date: 19 December, 2015.

Venue: Manchester Arena, UK.

TIme: 5 pm BST onwards (10:30 pm IST).

TV listings: Star Sports 4, Star Sports 4 HD (India), BoxNation (UK).