Vijay's market in Kollywood is increasing constantly, so as his remuneration. Of late, there were rumours of the actor getting Rs 100 crore as his salary for his upcoming movie Master. Whether the actor is receiving the said amount or not, but Thalapathy deserves it, as per a producer, who has a good knowledge of film business.

Vijay Deserves Rs 100 Crore
In an interview, Keyyar, who is known for his outspoken attitude, has said, "He is worth paying Rs 100 crore. It is clear when we analyse the collection made by his previous movie Bigil. It made over Rs 75 crore share,"

Master Prediction
Keyyar explains that Vijay has markets outside Tamil Nadu like in Kerala and Karnataka. "Don't be surprised if Master makes over Rs 100 crore in TN alone," Keyyar claims. However, he is not happy with the present rate of admission and also the increase in cinema halls will benefit the film business.

Vijay's Master
Vijay in and as Master.PR Handout

Relax Norms, Increase Cinema Halls
"Compared to other states, we have very less screens. In Andhra, there are 2000 screens. A big film gets 1000 screens for this release, but we struggle to get 450-500 screens for a big project," he continues. Keyyar wants the state government to give permission to more theatres by relaxing norms. "The increase in the screens will reflect in revenue,"

When asked how the business is growing despite the same number of screens, the producer claims, "Bigil has showed us the potential. With an average content a film could do such business, imagine how it could have done if the movie had a superhit story!"

He says that stars like Vijay, Ajith and Rajinikanth have the potential to pull the audience to theatres irrespective of the content in their films.

Coming back to Vijay, his Master has done a pre-release business of Rs 200 crore and the Tamil Nadu theatrical rights have been sold for Rs 68 crore. If the movie could collect Rs 100 crore share in its home territory, , as predicted by Keyyar, then people involved in the business will make huge profits.