Fugitive businessman Vijay Mallaya can be brought back to India "anytime" in coming days, according to sources. BJP spokesperson Suresh Nakhu, before deleting his tweet earlier today, hinted that the accused businessman is being brought to Mumbai tonight. He later took back the statement on account of unverified sources.

UK court rejected Vijay Mallya's appeal

Vijay Mallya, who has been on the run since 2016, lost his appeal against the extradition to India in the UK Supreme Court last month. The UK court on its May 14 ruling cleared the way for Indian authorities to finally extradite Mallya to India.

As per rules, Indian authorities have 28 days since the UK court ruling to bring back Mallya. And since it's already been over 20 days, Mallya can be brought to India any day.

Suresh Nakhua
Courtesy: Twitter

An Enforcement Department official who knows about the developments in the case told IANS, "We will soon bring back Mallya to India anytime in the coming days," ET reported.

He, though, didn't say about the date of extradition.

Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya is wanted by Indian authorities for committing fraud worth Rs 9,000 crore.Reuters

If Mallya is brought tonight he would have to spend some time at CBI office in Mumbai and would later be produced in the court during the day. However, if he is brought tomorrow morning, he would be taken straight to the CBI court where the special judge would hear his case.

Charges of fraud and money laundering

Vijay Mallya has been accused of money laundering and defrauding at least 17 Indian banks to the tune of Rs 9000 crores. Just IDBI bank alleged Mallya defrauded it of Rs 900 crores.

Mallya allegedly took loans from banks and made investments in over 40 international companies. When his investment didn't bear the desired result and he began to suffer losses, he sneaked out of India in March 2016 on the pretext of personal crisis.

Since then CBI and ED had been striving to bring back Mallya to India and file a money laundering case against him.

After several years of their effort, the UK court in May allowed the Indian authorities to extradite Mallya.

Kingfisher airlines
Owing to bad loans,Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Airlines were ordered grounded in 2012.Courtesy: Reuters

UK court ruling a 'milestone' for CBI

The CBI called the UK court ruling a "milestone".

In its statement, CBI said: "The decision of the UK court to order the extradition of Mallya is a milestone in CBI's quest for excellence and a reminder that economic offenders, facing probes in large value frauds, cannot consider themselves above the process merely because they have changed jurisdictions."

Govt refused Mallya's 100 percent payback dues offer 

In his defence to evade jail term in India, Mallya had offered to Indian authorities to pay back 100 per cent of the bank dues but on the condition that the Indian government closes all related cases against him. The Indian government, however, refused to accept any such proposal from Mallya as none of his offers elicited any response from the government.

Vijay Mallya founded Kingfisher Airlines, and also India's largest spirits company, United Spirits, and United Breweries. Though his spirits companies are ticking up, Kingfisher airlines have been grounded since 2012.

On the basis of incriminating evidence and request by the CBI, UK authorities arrested Vijay Mallya on April 20, 2017.