'The Dirty Picture'
Wall poster of "The Dirty Picture" movie.Official Site

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan's "The Dirty Picture" has been the most searched video on mobile, as per the latest report on the "mobile video trends in India in 2011" by Vuclip.

Videos relating to "The Dirty Picture" got over 13,24,000 views on mobiles, said a statement from the mobile video company.

Shah Rukh Khan's super hero film "Ra.One," with more than 8,00,000 views, emerged as the runner-up, which had more than double the mobile video views than any content relating to the much hyped "Kolaveri Di" song (56,000 Indian mobile viewers).

Interestingly, Sonu Niigaam's son Neevan's "Kolaveri Milk-u" got over 2,86,000 mobile video views, compared to the original Tamil-English song.

Among models, Poonam Pandey emerged as the clear leader with over 1,00,000 mobile video views while controversial Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik secured only 18,697 mobile video views and Indo- Canadian porn star Sunny Leone got only 2,500 mobile video views.

In sports, India's win in the ICC World Cup 2011 made it one of the favorite themes to watch on mobiles. Three of the key videos relating to ICC World Cup included India vs. Pakistan match, India Australia innings highlights, and India innings sixes.

Indians watched more videos on Virender Sehwag's 219 runs off 149 balls against West Indies, as compared to the total mobile video views for the IPL series this year.

However, moral support for the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan that shook entire India, made it the most watched mobile video with almost 24,0,000 views. The century's longest total lunar eclipse lasting 100 minutes in June 2011 also found great interest with Indian audiences with over 1,00,000 views.

Among news from India, the mobile videos of Mumbai bomb blast and train derailment near Fatehpur in July 2011 got 1,00,000 views each.

Videos of Anna Hazare's fight against corruption and demand for a strong Lokpal bill secured about 33,000 mobile views whereas content relating to the CD scandal of Bhanwari Devi and former Rajasthan minister Mahipal Maderna had over 25,000 views.

The news on three members of a family drowning during a family picnic in Indore's Patalpani in Madhya Pradesh had nearly 10,000 video views.