Actress Vidya Balan's plans to celebrate New Year with husband Siddharth Roy Kapur got cancelled after she was rushed to Hinduja hospital in Mumbai on Tuesday evening. Vidya was admitted to the hospital for suspected kidney stones.

Vidya was on her way to a foreign locale to ring in the New Year and celebrate her birthday, which falls on the same day, with husband Siddharth. She was in Abu Dhabi and had boarded a connecting flight when she suffered from a shooting pain in her back. The pain was so severe that the paramedics were called and the actress along with her husband were deplaned, according to reports

"It is Vidya's birthday on 1st January and the couple had big plans to celebrate both birthday and New Year. The couple had already boarded a connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to their destination and while the aircraft was gearing for take off, Vidya experienced shooting pain in her back. So severe was the pain that paramedics were called onboard and they were deplaned. Vidya was later taken to a clinic at the airport for examination where the actress received adequate treatment," Indian Express quoted a source as saying.

Vidya and her husband took the next flight to Mumbai and as soon as they landed, the couple rushed to Hinduja hospital for further treatment. Tests results show that kidney stone could be the reason behind Vidya's severe pain.

Vidya's spokesperson confirmed the news and said, "Vidya is currently in expert hands at Hinduja hospital and is well on her way to recovery."