A video that shows an employee of Checkers fast food chain throwing a bun on the floor before preparing a burger has gone viral on social media.

In the viral video, the Checkers employee is seen rubbing the bun on the floor and then preparing it. Her co-workers are also seen laughing in the video, which was shot by one of her colleagues.

The video, titled "Nasty Ass Checkers", was uploaded on YouTube on 4 August and it has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Watch the viral video below:

Many viewers criticised Checkers after viewing the video. However, the company was quick to respond on the matter.

The company's senior vice president of human resources, Lori Malcolm, said in a video statement that she was "appalled and disappointed" by the employee's act at the restaurant.

She further said that after speaking to the employee and her mother, it was learnt that the food was never served to any guest.

Malcolm added that the worker is very apologetic and embarrassed, stressing that these actions do not reflect the values or commitment to food quality of Checkers.

"The behaviours in the video do not represent the more than 18,000 hardworking team members who dedicate themselves in serving our guests in our restaurant everyday," Malcolm said in the video.

"The franchise launched an investigation and the employees involved are no longer employed at that franchise," she added.

Watch Checker's response video below: