Lebanese TV host video
A screenshot of the interview in which TV host Rima Karaki cuts short a sexist Islamist scholar.

A video of a female Lebanese TV host showing a sexist Islamist preacher his place has gone viral, raking in more than two million views over the last few days as netizens hailed the woman as a 'role model' on International Women's Day. 

During an interview on Lebanon's Al-Jadeed TV, host Rima Karaki asked London-based Islamist preacher Hani Al-Seba'i for his views on the issue of Christians joining the Islamic State.

However, as the Sunni scholar veered into historical accounts to make his point, Karaki reminded him of the time limit, telling him to "focus on the present". 

This engraged Al-Seba'i, who first retorted saying "Don't cut me off. i will answer as I please", and then went on to say that it was "beneath him" to be interviewed by a woman. 

At one point during the argument, he also told Karaki to "shut up."

As the Islamist's tirade continued, Karaki stood firm and asked him, "How can a respected sheikh like you tell a TV host to shut up?". 

Finally, Karaki told Al-Seba'i that "either there is mutual respect, or the conversation is over", before shutting him off. 

The video was uploaded on Youtube on 4 March and has garnered lakhs of views as well as comments on Facebook and Twitter.