'Nee- Na'Facebook/ Lal Jose

The first video of a song from the much awaited movie "Nee - Na" has been released. The song "I Remember You" introduces the central character of Neena played by Deepthi Sati. 

The video can be referred to as a poetic visualisation by director Lal Jose, who brings out the character of Neena as a solo traveller.The song is set in the famous city of St Petersburg in Russia, which is caught in gripping winter.

"I Remember You" is sung by "Nenjukulle" fame Shakthisree Goplan and is composed by debutant Nikhil J Menon. It looks like Lal Jose has introduced yet another gem to the musical world after Bijiba,  who was introduced in the movie "Arabi Kadha"

The cinematography of the film is done by Jonon T John, who earlier partnered with Lal Jose for movies like " Vikramadithyan" and "Ayalum Njanum Thammil". The visuals of the song have confirmed that this time too audience can expect yet another magical visual experience from the duo.

Meanwhile, "Nee – Na" is set for a release on 15 April in Kerala. "Nee -- na" also has Ann Augustine and Vijay Babu in lead roles and Ann will play the role of Vijay Babu's wife.

Vijay will play the role of a family man, who also leads a successful corporate life and the movie will explore the intricacies and complexities of urban relationships. Their life takes a turn when 22-year-old Neena, a vagabond and an avid traveller enters their life. 

The film showcases the emotional turmoil he goes through when he is in the midst of these two women. The makers of the film say that the movie is more than that and it is a story of high emotional intensity.

All the characters are well defined especially that of Neena. She works as the creative director of an ad agency and is a tomboy.