Heres your round-up of the biggest video game news stories from the past seven days, including a dramatic new trailer for Battlefield 1s anthology-style single player mode, a string of rumours about Bungies Destiny sequel, and the UKs Advertising Standards Authority investigating No Mans Sky.

Below are the original stories and some intro text. For more details, click the headlines.

EA releases stirring Battlefield 1 trailer showing off single-player war anthology

EA has released a stirring new trailer showing off upcoming shooter Battlefield 1s single-player campaign. While fans have seen and heard quite a bit about the World War 1 games multiplayer aspects, the new trailer gives players a sense of the various roles they can expect to take on in single player.

Set in various locations during the Great War, players will take on what EA calls War Stories that focus on four different protagonists, each with their own unique backgrounds and skills. The four unique characters include a fighter pilot, a rebel fighter, an armour crewman and a message-runner.

According to EA, these war stories are more about people rather than history or battles.

Destiny 2 reportedly a completely different game being developed for PC

Bungies sequel to 2014s Destiny will be developed for PC alongside PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, according to reports. Expected to launch in 2017, the project is also being described as a proper sequel that starts again from scratch and leaves existing player characters behind.

Kotaku has backed up the claims of NeoGAF user benny_a, who claimed publisher Activision had informed employees in an internal presentation that Destiny 2 will launch on PC. Vanilla Destiny and its expansions were not released on PC, so this would open the series up to a huge new audience.

Jason Schreiers report for Kotaku also describes how he has heard that Bungies leadership wants Destiny 2 to feel like a proper sequel, even if that means leaving old planets, characters, and activities behind. This would likely mean that no progress from Destiny and its expansions to date would carry over.

No Mans Sky is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority

The UKs Advertising Standards Authority has confirmed it has launched an investigation into Hello Games controversial No Mans Sky following complaints from disappointed players. The regulator will be investigating assets used to sell the game online.

The games Steam page is the focal point of the investigation due to the use of screenshots and trailers depicting features absent from the game which launched on PS4 and PC in early August. At the time of writing, the Steam page loads a trailer first released in June 2014.

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