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Kelly Gale sure knows how to turn up the heat. The Victoria's Secret angel reportedly showed off her assets in skimpy swimwear while in a sauna.

Not that the gorgeous model needed any added heat to warm the room.

The snap apparently comes after Kelly, who is now dating actor Joel Kinnaman, revealed why her prior romance with long-time boyfriend Johannes Jarl came to an end. The catwalk queen debuted her new romance in April. The pair had been spotted strolling hand in hand through the crowd at the Coachella music festival in Indio, California.

Kelly looked gorgeous in the snaps. And it doesn't look like a break up is getting her down. Her post before the sauna was a video where she could be seen teasing her fans with a little jiggle. We have to say that her antics sure would have made her fans go crazy.

During an Instagram Q and A session last month, the brunette said of herself and high-school sweetheart Johannes: 'We grew apart but we're still good friends.' In April this year, Kelly debuted her new romance with Joel at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio, California, where they were spotted walking together and holding hands in the crowd. 

Kelly Gale
Kelly GaleKelly Gale Official Instagram (kellybellyboom)

Last year, she told Vogue Australia that she works out 'six days per week, all year round' and consumes a diet of fish, vegetables, fruit, oatmeal and yogurt." Kelly Gale is known to take her health and fitness seriously. Her profession seemingly demands it. 'That's how I was brought up,' Kelly said of her healthy diet. 'I was never introduced to bad, unhealthy foods, so for me it's just natural to eat healthy.' Her healthy living seems to have paid off as the model looked gorgeous in the snaps.

Kelly added that she snacks on 'nuts and raw vegan chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar'. Kelly Gale is one of the most successful models in the world. And it sure looks like she is just getting started. The stunner added that said she swears by infrared saunas to make her 'skin glow' and 'help get rid of any puffiness or water retention.' Well, whatever she swears by, it seems to be working, because Kelly Gale looks beautiful.

The supermodel is known to regularly storm the runway in skimpy outfits for the Victoria's Secret lingerie brand. But Kelly proved that she doesn't need a fashion show to make people notice her. You can check out the posts here:  

Kelly Gale
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