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Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale is back at it. She was widely criticised last week after sharing a video to social media of herself exercising outside an In-N-Out Burger restaurant.

And now, a still unrepentant Kelly Gale posted a racy bikini photo to Instagram, in which she flaunted her incredibly toned figure.

The model is pictured reclining on the edge of a plunge pool in a skimpy black two-piece, with her feet in the water.

The picture followed a similar one the model posted previously, which showed her walking alongside the edge of the plunge pool in the same skimpy black bikini, with a picturesque coastline in the background.

She captioned that picture, 'Postcard from Big Sur.'

The image comes after the model received backlash for 'shaming' In-N-Out diners last week by exercising outside the fast food restaurant and posting a video of it to Instagram.

It was reported that as guests walked in and out of the establishment carrying fast food, Kelly worked up a sweat using a skipping rope. The video featured Kelly arriving at the restaurant with friends before eating fruit instead of ordering food inside.

While skipping and performing core exercises, several passers-by could be seen looking at Kelly rather quizzically.

She was positioned directly outside the front entrance to In-N-Out Burger and it meant several patrons had to walk around her.

In the caption, she claimed there were 'no excuses' when it came to healthy living and encouraged her fans to squeeze in workouts whenever possible.

She added: 'Not gonna pretend I was eating here'. Many of her fans were confused by her behaviour, was she fat shaming people, condemning unhealthy eating? What was her point? As the model confessed eating at the establishment herself. Or was it a pro-workout video. It is still unclear. Though the model doesn't seem to be in a mood to apologise as she seems to have dug in. But what point she is still standing by is still a mystery. But we have to say that the model sure knows how to flaunt it. You can check out the pics here:

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Vacation around the corner☀️??

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Postcard from Big Sur?

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