Radha Vishwanathan
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Carnatic vocalist Radha Vishwanathan passed away in Bengaluru on Tuesday night. The veteran singer died at a private hospital after suffering difficulties in breathing, reported PTI.

Daughter of legendary classical singer MS Subbulakshmi, Radha died at the age of 83. She was admitted to a private hospital on Tuesday morning after she complained of breathing complications.

Radha's son V Shrinivasan shared the news of his mother's death on Facebook. "The voice which sang Amani Manadho Manyo Lokaswami Trilokadruth has now merged with that of her mother (MS Subbulakshmi)," he posted.

Radha had performed along with her mother — a Bharat Ratna awardee — many a times during her concerts both in India and abroad.

Radha's daughter-in-law said she developed chest congestion during winters, and this time it got too severe. Shrinivasan further said she was suffering from tuberculosis since 1982, but she fought the pain very bravely all these years.

Radha is survived by sons V Chandrasekhar and Shrinivasan, and daughter Subhalakshmi, along with granddaughters S Aishwarya and S Saundarya.