Dilip Kumar
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Veteran actor Dilip Kumar was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday, August 2, due to dehydration and urinary tract infection. He has been admitted to Lilavati Hospital in suburban Bandra, Mumbai, and is likely to be under observation for the next two days.

While the news will surely leave fans worried, they can heave a sigh a relief as the legendary actor is doing well and is not in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Kumar's nephew Rehan told PTI: "He was admitted due to dehydration and urine (tract) infection. He is not in the ICU... He is in a normal room. He is fine now, there is nothing to worry,." He added: "He is under observation and expected to be in the hospital for two days."

During Eid 2017, the 94-year-old grabbed a lot attention when he took to Twitter to wish fans on the occasion. In the picture shared on Twitter, Kumar looked extremely weak and it left his fans worried about his health.

Dilip Kumar
Dilip KumarTwitter

The Mughal-E-Azam actor had been a victim of multiple death hoaxes in the past. Earlier this year, there was a buzz that the legendary actor was no more. However, the actor refuted to the hoax with a series of tweets.

"I've been away from this medium for sometime; my heart has been with all of you. Your greetings, dua's and wishes have touched me immensely," he first tweet read. Talking about his health, the actor said, "Allah's mercy has been upon us, my health has been much better this Ramazan. Could not fast due to regular medication and irregular sleep."

"God's infinite mercy has been upon Saira and I. Your love and adulation for us can never be thanked enough," he added.

We wish Dilip Kumar a speedy recovery.