Moto Z2 Force, which made its global debut in late July 2017, came with Qualcomm X16 modem having Giga LTE support, but it could not be utilized, as the there was no proper infrastructure to support the high-speed wireless service.

Now, the America's biggest network carrier Verizon has released the major software to the Motorola flagship to activate the Qualcomm X16 LTE modem chip.

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"With the release of the new update (version no: NDX26.183-15), Moto z2 force edition is now capable to take full advantage of the most advanced 4G LTE technology later this year when Verizon launches its Gigabit Class LTE service, giving you access to peak speeds far exceeding most phones in the market today*. Transfer movies, photos and large files in no time with some of the fastest possible data speeds so you can spend more time watching what you love and less time waiting for it to download," Verizon said in a statement.

However, the device owners will have to wait for a few weeks to enjoy faster internet speed.

Besides the Gigabit LTE feature, the new update also brings critical Blueborne security patch, which if not updated on the device, will leave Moto Z2 Force vulnerable to getting hacked by cyber criminals via Bluetooth. Owners are advised to the upgrade to the new software as soon as possible.

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Verizon Motorola Z2 Force gets major software update with Gigabit LTE feature; all you need to know [In Picture: Moto Z2 Force with Qualcomm X16 LTE modem testing high-speed Internet service]Qualcomm Press Release [Screen-shot]

Verizon update also comes with the inbuilt AppFlash application, which will help users discover other apps faster and gives tips on how to make the best use of the application.

For instance, AppFlash will help you find restaurants, movies, games, and music and get app recommendations to make reservations, read reviews, buy tickets, watch movies and more.

AppFlash connects users to apps and instantly allows users to try an app before installing it. No download required.

  • To enable and use AppFlash:
    • Press and hold an empty space on your Home screen
    • Tap Settings in the bottom right corner
    • Tap Swipe Access
    • Tap AppFlash
  • After enabling AppFlash it is conveniently located on the side screen. Simply swipe right and you're ready to go.

How to install Verizon OTA (Over-The-Air) update on Motorola Moto Z2 Force:

1. Once you get new software notification, select "Yes, I'm in."

2. After the software is downloaded, select "Install now."

3. After the software is installed, your phone will re-start automatically.

4. Your phone is now updated.

The OTA update roll-out process is being carried out in phases, so it will take several days to reach all the regions.

Until then, device owners can check for updates manually by going to Settings >> About Phone >> System Updates >> check for the new firmware.

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