Tarun Bhati

Tarun Bhati a 19-year-old student claims he has multiple companies to his name actively in capital markets and is an entrepreneur.

Tarun's story as per him was a roller coaster ride. He started off at a very early age and began making money by running a mine craft server in the initial stages of his life but he then lost almost all of this money through wrong investments. Tarun feels he didn't see this as a setback but took it as a life lesson, learned from it, and started off even stronger.

He learned about capital markets and started investing in local markets and even helped people from his age group with investments. He saw this as a great opportunity and started his own firm Oleada Capital and claims his firm helped a lot of young investors get good returns. He claims he also saw a huge scope in the marketing and advertising sector and worked on his second firm PriorPublic which is all about advertising and marketing.

Tarun Bhati claims he is like a very other 19-year old who has undergone formal education but he had the courage and the willpower to follow his passion and he was willing to work hard for it. It was not like he was from a wealthy family and everything was handed to him on a silver spoon. He is from a middle-class family and made almost all his money by using his talent and skill.