Tom Hardy as Venom

Venom is the first film in Sony's Marvel Universe and is directed by Ruben Fleischer. The superhero film stars Tom Hardy as Venom alongside Michelle Williams, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, and Riz Ahmed.

The movie premiered on October 1 in Westwood, Los Angeles, and will be released worldwide on October 5. The trailer was very promising and set expectations of Marvel fans really high but so far the movie has received negative reviews from critics and fans. Although Tom Hardy is being praised for his performance, the movie has not been able to impress many. The budget of the film is $100 million.

Venom movie story: An experiment goes wrong and Eddie Brock, played by Tom, accidentally gets bonded with an alien symbiote that introduces itself as Venom.

Venom is a deadly creature with a long tongue and sharp teeth and Brock is a journalist living a simple life. Both Brock and Venom have their differences but now they have to work together to protect the city.

The end credit scene gives us a glimpse of a possible sequel to the movie. But they will have to up their game to gain the attention of fans. 

Venom movie live updates: Many filmgoers around the world took to Twitter to share their opinion on the film. We bring you audience's response. Continue to read to viewers' reaction:

Dan Boyce @BoyceDan

Yes, we can all agree that Tom Hardy is a real cool dude. But, no amount of bein real cool could save #venom from being bland and dumb and nothing. #turdinthewind #weeklyplanetpod

Jamie butters Watson @jaywatson1992

Just watched venom brilliant film #Venom

- Immortal Rises - @ImmortalRises

Just seen #Venom and it was amazing! True to the comics, the witty banter everything was on point. Perfect portrayal from Tom Hardy. #VenomMovie #TomHardy

Brian Ghoullagher @bgall1310

Took my wife, 9 children and flew in my entire extended family to see #venom It was TERRIBLE. Left in the middle. Went to see LADY GAGA in #AStarIsBorn instead and boy are we thrilled!

Tyler Gasteiger @TylerGasteiger

Walked out of the theater thinking I saw an action packed movie, but none of the scenes were terribly memorable. #Venom

Kaan Tekin-Sari @tH3Uns0ciable

My tribute to @VenomMovie very enjoyable 9.5/10 ignore the doorknobs at @RottenTomatoes, they don't want viewers to see the hypocrisy behind critics who want to trash the film. Let it sink in... #WeAreVenom #Venom

CSWebber @CeeEssWebber

I saw #Venom last night. You know what? It was better than I was expecting (yes, my expectations were pretty low to begin with), but I'd definitely be down for a sequel. Especially after that mid credits scene
It's the surprise buddy comedy of 2018

Savvy P @Pierce92

#Venom Honestly though it was a lot more fun than I expected going in to it.

T @ruiningcomedy

#Venom is as generic as it can get! Shallow, bland and frankly, if Tom Hardy wasn't in it, I don't think it would be on anyone's radar. Sad to see a potentially great character ruined by yet another generic movie. I was shocked at how bad that movie is written.

The name is CherrY @YeaaThatsMe

Tom hardy gets most of the worthy performance...conversations b/w venom and eddi is hilarious.. the only negative part is preclimax to climax..bit sluggish and falls flat.and then ending is good. Good one over all #Venom

~•Stephy.P•~ @_illegal_vibes_

#Venom first of all I think it got such bad reviews because critics went in expecting something completely different from what they got. it's not a gritty, dark, serious movie. Its a witty humorous movie with the perfect amount of darkness to fit the character! like Deadpool!

#Venom The only thing I saw wrong was SOME CGI but for the budget it had($100mil), that was some really good VFX. Marvel only has better VFX because they spend an extra $50mil for VFX alone (Hulk $150mil & Iron Man $140mil)

Tanner Jones @tanner_j_12:

#Venom was great and Tom Hardy killed it as always Def ready for a sequel already. Don't miss out on post credit scene either. Brings back a huge character, one of my all time favorites

James MozΞy‏ @DistantLaugh:

#Venom is freaking incredible. No lie, I full on loved this film. Embrace the goofiness, embrace the laughs. I truly think this is a movie the majority of critics are being too hard on. I had a completely great time, and I hope you give this movie a chance. I want more.

Culture Crave @CultureCrave

Saw #Venom tonight. Much, much better than critics are saying. The Tom Hardy/Venom dynamic is A1. Some weak supporting cast tho, & the action scenes would've benefited from an R rating. If you have any desire at all to watch the movie but are still on the fence, I say, go for it.

Paul Shirey @arcticninjapaul

#Venom is a silly, spastic, high-energy jolt of fun. Pure popcorn goofiness in the vein of superhero movies before they took themselves so seriously. Tom Hardy is playfully hilarious in the role and while the movie is hardly great, it's not even close to a disaster. It's a ride.

Ryno @therynocity

wow #Venom was just trash. Editing was all over the place and the script seemed like it was written by a first grader. had 1 decent action scene but the CGI managed to ruin even that. Time to give up Sony honestly lol