Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran
Velainu Vandhutta VellaikaaranPR Handout

Ezhil's latest movie "Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran," also spelt "Velainnu Vanthutta Vellakaran," stars Vishnu in the lead role. The movie hit the screens on Friday, June 3.

'Iraivi' Movie Review 

Nikki Galrani has paired up with Vishnu in "Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran," which stars Soori, Reshma Pasupuleti, Nikesh Ram, Aadukalam Naren, Robo Shankar, Sonia, Vaiyapuri, Sonia and others in the cast. The movie features C Sathya's music, Shakti's cinematography and Ananda Lingakumar's editing. 

Murugan (Vishnu) is a close aide of MLA Jacket Jankiraman (Robo Shankar), who shares a good rapport with his senior minister. Before breathing his last, the minister reveals a truth to the MLA about a hidden amount of Rs. 500 crore, which he wants him to distribute to the public.

However, the minister's nephew, played by Ravi Mariya, has set his eyes on the money and starts nagging Jacket Jankiraman. Unfortunately, the MLA meets with an accident and loses his memory. On the other hand, the MLA's aide, Murgan, falls in love with Archana (Nikki Galrani) and wants the MLA, who is in coma, to recover fast. What happens next should be seen on the screen.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2.5

"Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran" is a fun-filled film, which entertains the viewers for two hours, says the audience. The comedy scenes are said to be well-written, which make it a best work of Ezhil till date. However, some illogical scenes dampen the whole light-hearted ambience.

"Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran" has opened to positive reviews. Find the audience response below:

Anand: #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran - Mindless entertainer with just laughter and fun alone. #Soori, #RoboShankar are showstoppers. Rating : 2/5

Prashanth: Robo shankars long comedy in second half. Laughed my lungs out. #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran
Interval block . @iamvishnuvishal uses Vijay brothers " Iam waiting " . #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran

Kaushik (LMK): #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran - 3/5. Totally exceeded my expectations. Save few needless songs, totally engaging mass comedy Watch it
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran - 3/5. Spl mention to Ravi Mariya who is at the receiving end of Robo Shankar in that epic 'repeat' sequence
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran - 3/5. Cutesy @nikkigalrani provides action, glam & the needed romance. Rajendran's cameo is crowd pleasing
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran - 3/5. @iamvishnuvishal - Big win as a producer, earnest as an actor. Tried and tested, but hilarious comedy
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran - 3/5. Robo Shankar rocks His 'story repeat' sequence is absolutely ROFL. @sooriofficial in super form again
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran - 3/5. Laugh riot for the most part. Easily Ezhil's best in recent times. Safe bet at the BO. For the masses

Ramesh: #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran [3.25/5] : Dir #Ezhil has come up with a fun movie satisfying all class audience.. Certainly Enjoyable Exp..
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran [3.25/5] : #CSathya 's songs r peppy.. Camera and Editing r optimal.. Colorful & apt costumin by @joy_stylist
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran [3.25/5] : @sooriofficial gets a meaty role.. He has simply rocked as #PushpaPurushan #RoboShankar also excels
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran [3.25/5] : @nikkigalrani looks good.. As the small-town cop, she has done well.. Her dancing is good too..
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran [3.25/5]: @iamvishnuvishal has tried something new aiming at the Masses.. He has succeeded in that effort..
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran [3.25/5] : A Non-stop laugh riot.. A simple tale.. Good fun comedy with Mass Masala Entertainment elements..

Sathish: #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran @iamvishnuvishal has tried something new aiming at the Masses.. He has succeeded in that effort

Anjana Rangan: #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran ! An awesome family entertainer! @sooriofficial anna steals the show along with robo shankar!

Haricharan Pudipeddi: Haven't laughed so much in a long time. @iamvishnuvishal's #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran is a full-length laugh riot. #Soori just rocks
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran belongs to #Soori and #RoboShankar. They make you laugh like you never laughed before. Rollicking fun..
@iKannan No logic film but is absolutely funny. Laughed through the film..
#Soori as #PushpaPurusan. Imagine the plight of the guy who is married to someone called Pushpa ends up watching the fil

Parvez ashmi: Awww #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran is so much entertaining.. audience going crazy congrats dear bro @iamvishnuvishal @nikkigalrani
Thanks for producing #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran @iamvishnuvishal debut hit for u as a producer ☺ congrats to d whole crew @sooriofficial

Sreedhar Pillai: #VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran 3/5 @iamvishnuvishal & #Ezhil without logic, story proves laughter is the best medicine in commercial cinema
#VVV 3/5 @nikkigalrani looks great & suits the role. #Sathya music is in sync.
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran 3/5. #Soori as #PushpaPurusan rocks, he is fantastic. #RoboShankaras #JacketJanakiraman will have U in splits.
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran 3/5.. #Ezhil with hardly any plot has put together scenes & packaged it well 2 get maximum laughs.
#VelainuVandhuttaVellaikaaran 3/5. Jolly fun ride. #Soori & #RoboShankar makes it a laughathon. @iamvishnuvishal & #Ezhil's packaging.