The IIT Kanpur has achieved another feat in the fight against coronavirus. Scientists at the IIT-K have come up with a corona killer box that will sanitize all essential commodities that are brought into homes from outside.

Vegetables, fruits, sugar, milk, pulses, mobiles, rupees and keys etc. can be sanitized in the box within minutes. The ultraviolet rays released from this can kill the bacteria and viruses in objects within minutes. The sensor-based box also has an alarm which can be set for a specified period of time.

IIT Kanpur
IIT KanpurWikimedia Commons

How does the corona killer box work? 

Prof J Rajkumar of the mechanical engineering department who led the team with Shivam Sachan and Ashok Prajapati, said, "This box has several ultraviolet lights, which range between 240 and 260 nanometers. The approximate price of a box is around Rs 5,000. The IIT is contacting companies for its manufacture and large-scale production will naturally reduce the cost of the box."

He said that the model lab has been prepared on a scale, it will be carried forward. Some more features are being established. The Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) had earlier prepared a similar box that costs around Rs 9,000. Rajkumar said that the corona killer box can also sanitise masks and PPE kits apart from edible items.