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"Vegam," a low budget Malayalam film without much star presence opened to mixed reviews in theatres.

"Vegam" directed Anilkumar K G is a family thriller, which deals with two youngsters, Sidhu played by Vineeth Kumar and David played by Jacob Gregory. They are in pursuit of money and luxurious life and end up in trouble when they look for easy ways to reach the goal.

Samskruthi Shenoy plays the love interest of Vineeth in the film. Prathap Pothen, Shammi Thilakan, Shani, Jojo, Sunil Sugatha, Swapna Menon, Asha Arvind and Nisha Sarang also appear in pivotal roles.

"Vegam" is appreciated by critics for the performance by the actors, but reviews say that the film is poor in terms of direction. The film is produced under the banner of FX4 Movie Makers. Govind Menon composes the music and Anu Elizabeth and Santhosh Varma penned the lyrics.

Here are some of the reviews about "Vegam"

"Getting to like the film 'Vegam' is like stepping into marriage. There is a flurry of forewarnings about the hidden dangers, about the yawn-filled routines involved in marriage, still people get married failing to resist the rare charms marriage holds for them. Once such gems are discovered, the flaws are ignored and the banality is borne with the patience of a saint." says Ashwin J Kumar of Times Of India.

"Vineeth Kumar's face is a mix of apprehension, remorse, anger and determination. But he simply does not possess the stealth required to steal a bag in broad daylight under the watchful eyes of a rival gang of thieves. Jacob Gregory makes for the perfect travelling salesman: sweet smiles, when approaching customers; a dog-with-tail-between-legs look, when a product demonstration ends up in disaster; bitterness and frustration, when alone and cursing his situation; a careless and care-a-damn attitude, generally; and a focus on survival, when necessitated to run. Prathap Pothen stoically wears the fallen face of one who has lost his fortunes in a single stroke but still remains hopeful." says Dalton L of Deccan Chronicle.

"Expectedly it is a mad scramble in the end. Since the film is built on shaky foundations, it sort of trembles on numerous occasions. But there is an element of technical fitness in the movie and the rather unfussy end won't leave you unduly perturbed. Vineeth Kumar and Jacob Gregory hit off well and their combination is indeed the main strength of "Vegam". Others including Prathap Pothen and Shammi Thilakan are competent. As the female lead Samskruthy has precious little to do. Visuals are slick and music don't let the movie down. Anil Kumar has just churned out a flick that doesn't get under your skin. And that itself is an achievement considering the big budget nonsenses that cavlierrly take us for a ride. "Vegam" is not exactly a vividly executed thriller, but isn't entirely vague either", says Raj Vikram of Metromatinee.

"Why did the makers of this film decide to christen this one with the title 'Vegam', which sounds so close to 'Neram', its obvious inspiration? Maybe they wanted to make their intentions clear or they could have been plain lazy. That sort of a lethargic attitude is seen all along and the film tends to become too slow, even though the duration is only about 110 minutes. One of the best things about the film is its music by Govind Menon. "Vegam" can be a watchable fare for those who haven't seen films of this genre. For the rest of the world, it could be a rather ordinary outing at best." says Sify.