Kreshna's Veera.PR Handout

Actor Kreshna has collaborated with debutant Rajaraman for his latest movie Veera. He was not the first choice to play the lead role and was brought on board after Bobby Simha and Vishnu could not take up the flick for different reasons.

He has paired up with Iswarya Menon in the film, which has Karunaran playing an important role. Rajendran, Yogi Babu, Charandeep, Thambi Ramaiah, Aadukalam Naren, Radha Ravi and others are in supporting roles.

Leon James has composed the music for Veera. His Ootaanda Soltuvaa, Verrattaama Verratturiye and Pogaadhey Kanmaniye songs have already struck the chord with the viewers. Kumaran-Vignesh has handled the cinematography, while TS Suresh has edited the flick, bankrolled by Elred Kumar under the banner of RS Infotainment.

It is an action movie, which deals with a bunch of criminals. Two young men want to make it big in the underworld and their wish to reach the top lead to situations where they have no control over their actions. How their lives change forms the crux of the story.

Veera has managed to draw the viewers' attention with its gripping trailers and teasers. The conflicts between two character and fights have evoked a good response from the audience. Will the movie live up to the viewers' expectations? Find it the viewers' words here:

Review Ram

#Veera (Tamil) - Opens well but completely loses the substance with a pointless progression. @Actor_Krishna @actorkaruna @rsinfotainment @elredkumar @_OrangeCreation
#Veera - Interval - Premise is raw and fresh, plus the detailing to the gangster politics world is appreciable. But nothing works fine due to no depth in situations. Fails in the commercialize process. 'Boring' so far. @Actor_Krishna @actorkaruna @rsinfotainment @elredkumar 

Sreedhar Pillai

#Veera 2.5/5. Dir #Rajaraman makes a comedy laced with action on Mandram (association) run by politicians meant for social welfare have turned into dens for plotting "sketch" on rivals. Nice idea, execution a bit weak. @leon_james music peppy @actorkaruna ok


#Veera - An interesting one liner letdown by weak characterizations. Hooked by the initial narration and research of 'Vada Chennai' backdrop but characters lack depth and the wavering screenplay tests our patience.