Pakistani actress Veena Malik is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. After earning the irks of the Pakistani clerics by participating in India's TV show Bigg Boss last year, her alleged nude photoshoot for the cover page of India FHM's December issue has hit the headlines.

The cover of the glossy men's magazine FHM has a nude Malik with an 'ISI' tattoo on her arm, earning lots of criticism from the people of her country. Reacting to the cover of the magazine, the Pakistani actress claimed that the photo is morphed. She added that she would take legal action against the magazine for tarnishing her image.

However, the editor of FHM has something different to say. He said that the photo is genuine. He added that the magazine has the video footage of the photoshoot and Malik's email to prove that the photo is not doctored.

Veena Malik's photographer Vishal Saxena and stylist Nitasha Gaurav also claimed that the photo on the cover page of FHM magazine is genuine. They said that she was very co-operative and comfortable when they did the photoshoot.

Meanwhile, the nude photo has caused a huge stir back home. Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that he hasn't seen the photo but would look into the matter if it's true.

Veena Malik (L) with Sheeba Bhakri
Pakistani actress Veena Malik (L) and her Indian counterpart Sheeba Bhakri pose for photographers during a news conference.