Actress Veena Malik
Actress Veena Malik. Image: Scribes INCScribes INC

Controversial Pakistani item girl, Veena Malik, who recently posed nude for a popular men's magazine, is all set to shed off her essentials once again for her upcoming debut film "Daal Main Kuch Kala Hai."

In the stills from her forthcoming film, Veena is seen topless, covering her assets with a leather bag.

It seems Veena's debut flick might also bring back the 80s and 90s trend of double role in Bollywood. Veena is playing a double role in the movie and is presently awaiting its release.

The 28-year-old actress said that she is already used to playing double roles in her real life - one of a Pakistani girl and the other of a bold Bollywood actress.

"Playing a double in reel life its new thing for me. But In real life I actually play the double role of two girls inside me one is Zahida Malik and other is Veena Malik," Veena said.

"I sure if I can play a double role in real life so it will be exciting to play a double role in a movie."

Veena will be seen romancing small-time Bhojpuri actor and estranged husband of actress Shweta Tiwari, Raja Choudhary, in the film, who recently confessed his love for Veena during a media interaction.

Raja reportedly said that he is extremely impressed with Veena and wishes to marry her and has no qualms if he even had to change his surname from "Choudhary" to "Malik."

Well, it's not only co-star Raja who is smitten by Veena, even director Navin Batra is going gaga over his heroine.

In a recent statement, Batra accredited Veena with the "supermodel" title. He said, "Veena is the only supermodel after Janice Doreen Dickinson."

"While working with Veena i realised that she is the only supermodel of the Bollywood after Janice Doreen Dickinson," he said adding that, "Veena is the self-proclaimed Supermodel. She takes her role too serious that make her directors apt choice."